I love water bottles. I have for years. I had a collection of water bottles that filled a couple of kitchen cabinets. They were great. Some had long bendy straws built in and all had some colorful design on them – mostly because they were used for advertising. The fact is I had never paid for a single one of them – they were all premiums given away at work or at an event.


Then things changed when we learned that the vast majority of the plastic bottles had something called BPA which apparently is very bad for you. Who knew?

Anyway, now all the fuss is over water bottles that at BPA-free. I am all for it, of course. I figure I have enough BPA in me to last a lifetime so I have moved on to the new kind. But my problem has been that most of the bottles – usually made from stainless (and BPA-less) steel – are boring.

Not anymore! I have found the water bottle at Blue Q. These bottles are cool and fun:

There is a classic Dutch windmill design with a modern twist.

A classic Dick and Jane water bottle.

And my favorite, the Let’s Drink The Drops Water Bottle.

Find all the fun water bottles and other products Blue Q offers here.