Those of you who have been fans of Lost Cowboy know how much we love stationary. We love not cards, paper, envelopes and just about everything related to the art of writing.


Of course in modern times it is easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and family through other means, but there is still something special about sending and receiving good old fashioned letters.

I send cards all the time and the folks who receive them are always so touched and pleased. The arrival of a card – especially when it is not a birthday or Christmas – is a nice surprise for most people these days.

Anyway, I am always looking for new ways to make an impact (even though the simplest card does it these days) and was thrilled to find the Message in a Bottle kit from CS Post and Co.

The Message in a Bottle kit is described: “Who said writing letters had to be boring? With this quirky writing kit, both young and old can send a letter using the age-old method of sending it in a bottle. Whether land-locked or a coastal dweller, you can send this cute bottle snail mail for a fun surprise for your recipient.”

I love it! Next time I want to send a message with a little something extra I am sending one of these things.

Someone should tell Sting about these things.