BMBAOne quick visit to Buenos Aires and you can quickly see that although there is a very strong local culture, the city’s hipsters are clearly obsessed with American and British popular culture.  One example is the number of items related to The Beatles that you can find on sale at local markets – things like t-shirts, posters and even CD of The Beatles music set to Tango beats.

So it was not a surprise to discover that one of the largest collections of Beatles memorabilia in the world is on display at Museo Beatle (the Beatles Museum) in Buenos Aires – and it is a great place to visit for anyone interest in The Beatles, music history or mid-century popular culture.

About Museo Beatle in Buenos Aires: “The museum opened on 3rd January 2011, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is owned and run by Rodolfo Vasquez. Vasquez, described by UK newspaper the Daily Mail as ‘an obsessive fan’, began his collection at the age of 10 after receiving a copy of the band’s Rubber Soul album. Although the Beatles never played in Argentina, Vasquez’s collection has ‘put his country on the Beatlemania map’, according to the Daily Mail. In 2001 it was recognised as the world’s largest collection, containing 5,612 items. It now contains over 8,500 items, a quarter of which are housed in the museum.  Items in the collection range from record covers, autographs, toys, original pictures, concert programs, cups and plates, and many more.”

Visit Museo Beatle’s official site (in Spanish) here.

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