beat.6Many great things happened in 1964. In a country still mourning the assassination of President Kennedy, 1964 began on a somber note. However, by February, the country was ready for a much needed diversion and it came packaged as four mop-topped lads from Liverpool, The Beatles.

On February 9th, 1964, 50 years ago this month, The Beatles made their first American television appearance live on The Ed Sullivan Show. The show attracted one of the largest audiences in US television history and quickly became legendary.

It is difficult to overstate the impact that first appearance on US shores was for our collective popular culture. Even 50 years on it still resonates as The Beatles are as relevant as ever as they continue to be discovered by generation after generation.

I mentioned a few weeks back that while on my visit to Buenos Aires, I visited the Museo Beatle (The Beatles Museum) which houses one of the world’s largest collection of Beatles memorabilia.

Today, to mark the golden anniversary of that magical moment when The Beatles first entered America’s living rooms, I present a few of the pictures I took of the items as the museum. I was particularly attracted to the various figurines and bobble-heads that marked various points in The Beatles’ career. Enjoy.

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