moonbalmAfter I toss back a few fingers of bourbon, I have been known to become a little clumsy. I sometimes spill a little of the golden liquid on myself which gives me a pleasant aroma. However, it is not as classy as the lovely scent of the Moonshine after shave balm I found from EastWest Bottlers.

About Moonshine after shave balm from EastWest Bottlers: “Moonshine after shave balm is a non-alcoholic, non-greasy balm designed to keep your skin feeling cool and hydrated. A compliment to Moonshine, a gentleman’s cologne, this soothing and refreshing balm is perfect for applying after a fresh shave or for daily use to help gentlemen across the globe repeal her prohibitions!”

I love the aftershave and everything about the folks at EastWest Bottlers, who also make a men’s cologne version of Moonshine, and a lady’s perfume, called Speakeasy.

About EastWest Bottlers: “EastWest Bottlers is a privately owned company based in Austin, TX. Founded by three Southern gentlemen hailing from Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina – all by way of time spent together in Athens, Georgia – EastWest Bottlers is committed to providing authentic and compelling products to a market overrun with celebrities and major brands. With an emphasis on small batch processing, homegrown business practices, and Southern values, EastWest Bottlers prides itself on taking care of their customers while bringing unique and captivating products to ladies and gentlemen all over the world.”

Learn more about EastWest Bottlers and see all their products here.