Photography, Assemblage, Mixed Media

Artist’s Statement:

I view all of my work as “found” art.

Whether it is an assemblage created from items I literally found by the side of the road while bicycling, or something in the world I stumbled upon which struck me as a subject for a photograph, all of my work is either life as I found it or how I see what I find.

As an artist…

…I love “finding” small pieces of vintage items that evoke a specific place and time, mostly mid-century America.

…I am inspired by great design which is represented by the art of the bicycle in much of my photography.

…I love the mix of new and old and love presenting a vintage item in a new context to create a modern work of art.

Based on the Kansas prairie (just across the river from the great city of Kansas City, MO), I am inspired by the natural beauty of rural America as much as I am by the cities I love: London, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Boston and Amsterdam.



Past Juried Shows:

– Art Fest Beverly, June 2013