You know I can’t resist taking a good bicycle picture. This one I did not realize was great until I looked back at it. I love the reflection of the buildings in the window.

I have posted about the DK Eyewitness travel guides in the past and will continue to do so as they are very helpful to help cut through the clutter when you are visiting a new city (or returning for the countless time) to help you plan a perfect trip.

DK Eyewitness’s Top 10 series, which lists a city’s top ten sites and attractions by topic (think museums, restaurants, theaters) in a handy easy to carry size, is perfect to ensure you don’t miss a thing on your trip – or at least know what you may be missing. Like the DK Eyewitness – Top 10 New York City, which comes in handy for a visitor or a frequent travel who thinks they know their way around – there are always new things to discover.

About DK Eyewitness – Top 10 New York City:

“An unbeatable, pocket-sized guide to New York City, packed with insider tips and ideas, color maps, top 10 lists, and a laminated pull-out map – all designed to help you see the very best of New York City. Take a New York walking tour, see world-famous paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, explore leafy Central Park, or take in the incredible views from the top of the Empire State building. From Top 10 Places for Children to Top 10 Festivals and Events–discover the best of New York City with this easy-to-use travel guide.”

DK Eyewitness – Top 10 New York City is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.

Here’s two panoramic shots I took of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges from the DUMBO side of the East River:

Most people I know think Italy when talking about charcuterie, but some of the best is from Spain. The fine folks at Brindisa, who are dedicated purveyors of fine Spanish food, have put together some of the best with their Charcuterie Box.

About the Charcuterie Box from Brindisa:

“The quality of Spanish air-dried charcuterie is undoubted, and Brindisa has assembled a selection to highlight this. From acorn-fed hams and cured sausages to game pate and pickles; everything you need to create a Spanish charcuterie board to suit all tastes.”

Find the Charcuterie Box from Brindisa here.

Visit Brandisa online here.

Maybe my search for the perfect bag has gotten off track. Maybe it is a back pack that I really need. If so, it would have to be one as perfect as the Piccadilly Leather Knapsack by Brooks I found available from the fine folks at Aria.

About the Piccadilly Leather Knapsack by Brooks:

“The Piccadilly is a versatile knapsack that epitomizes simple timeless elegance and the freedom associated with arriving on two wheels under your own power. It may also be carried as a handbag, easily adapting to your modern way of living.”

The Piccadilly Leather Knapsack by Brooks is available from UK-based Aria.

It’s been a while since I’ve made a visit to New York to see some shows. Back in the day when I lived in Boston I took the train down a few times a year to catch shows. Now living in Kansas City it is not as easy to Get to NYC not to mention it is more expensive. Which is why in recent years I have been going to Chicago to get my big city and theater fix.

The last time I sat down to plan a trip to New York to see some shows I calculated that between airfare and hotel it was actually cheaper for me to go to London – so I did.

But I have been keeping my eyes out for the perfect opportunity to get back to New York and a couple of weeks ago I found the perfect excuse. I have been dying to see the epic stage version of King Kong which has been treading the Broadway boards for several months. I thought I might try to see it this fall but I received a notice that the show was ending it’s run in August. So I jumped into action.

I had enough points for the flight to LaGuardia on Southwest and I got a relative deal on a room at the great Hudson Hotel. So the trip was on. Right now I am settling in for a long weekend of theater and other fun in the Big Apple.

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We are on the road again, off to New York for a midsummer getaway. The NYC posts will flow soon enough but not in real time. However,  you can keep track of us on social media as well: Lost Cowboy Travel on Instagram – the perfect companion to the long form posts here.

What better way to start than while we are in the Big Apple. So if you are already on Instagram – start following Lost Cowboy Travel today. If you are not on Instagram – this may be the time to start.

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c.1Florence and her Machine may say that “Dog Days are Over” – but, in reality, with the start of August, they are just beginning.  And I say:  bring them on!

I love that point in the summer – usually at the start of August – when summer is in full swing.  The novelty of warm weather and all the summer traditions have worn off and you can just lay back and enjoy the balance of the all too short season.

In addition to loving the Dog Days of Summer, I love dogs, and also use this time of year to pay tribute to all the great pups I have been fortunate to know in my life.  Since all dogs go to heaven, I pay special tribute to all those furry angels looking down upon us – like these little dude, Gussy and Tru who are romping in Heaven with their brothers Oscar and Harry and sweet little sister Boo.

So let’s raise a glass of perfect summer iced tea to these glorious days and to man’s best friend.



FF: The Range Bag from Dark’s Designs in Leather

Stop the presses! My long search for the perfect work bag may be over now that I found the Range Bag from the fine folks at Dark’s Designs in Leather.

About the Range Bag from Dark’s Designs in Leather:

“A gentleman’s classic for field and range, plus this leather satchel design has shotgun shell details. Polished brass hardware on strap and buckles. Unlined interior and raw edges.”

Find the Range Bag from Dark’s Designs in Leather here.

Visit Dark’s Designs in Leather online here.

FF: The Arlington Rucksack from Lost Property of London

Wait a second, maybe it’s the Arlington Rucksack from the fine folks at Lost Property of London that really has my name on it.

About the Arlington Rucksack from Lost Property of London:

“No nylon. No polyester. No half measures. This is no ordinary rucksack. Designed to blend with your style, and stand out from the pack. Hand crafted from sustainably sourced vegetable tanned leather. Constructed for comfort and durability. If you’re going to carry in the city, carry well.”

Find the Arlington Rucksack from Lost Property of London here.

Visit Lost Property of London online here.

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