I have never been one of those people that carried around a cloth handkerchief, as I think it is kind of gross to wipe your nose with it and put it back in your pocket. But I have always liked seeing gentlemen in old movies pull out a handkerchief to comfort a crying woman. And of course I like a good pocket square on a well-tailored suit. Anyway, I am reconsidering my stance on handkerchiefs now that I have found the Black Chambray Handkerchief from the fine folks at The Every Day Napkin Co.

About the Black Chambray Handkerchief from The Every Day Napkin Co.:

“Hand-stitched with passion and purpose, our Everyday Handkerchiefs are made just for you. Customize our Everyday Handkerchief with a hand-stitched initial. Use every day, on your special day and always keep close to your heart. Each Everyday Handkerchief comes in an Everyday Co. muslin bag. Fold into a pocket square, keep in your purse or back pocket. Use every day.”

Find the Black Chambray Handkerchief from The Every Day Napkin Co. here.

See all the fine linens from The Every Day Napkin Co. here.

I love a good cookbook. To me, a good cookbook is one that is fun to look through even if you never intend to make any of the recipes. The newly released (just out this week) Dark Side of the Spoon: The Rock Cookbook by Joseph Innis, Ralph Miller and Peter Stadden fits the bill – fun to read with some great illustrations. The names of the dishes alone are worth the read.

About Dark Side of the Spoon: The Rock Cookbook by Joseph Innis, Ralph Miller and Peter Stadden: “Dark Side of the Spoon: The Rock Cookbook features thirty recipes inspired by some of the most renowned rock acts of today and yesteryear. The dishes are accompanied by exclusive artworks from thirty top illustrators. Catering for cooks of all abilities and tastes, this book will help you master a wide range of appetizers, entrées, and desserts—including Smashing Pumpkin Pie, Fleetwood Mac and Cheese, and Primal Bream. Dark Side of the Spoon celebrates the many humorous parallels between food and rock, and is a must-have for anyone with a love for cooking, music, or illustration, or indeed all three.”

Dark Side of the Spoon will make the perfect gift for the classic rock fan in your life.

Dark Side of the Spoon: The Rock Cookbook is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.


I like tea, as you may have surmised from multiple posts here over the years. I make tea just about every day from early fall to mid-spring and it is a little joy in my hectic schedule. I like when tea is made into a ritual – which sadly is not every day for me, but when I have the time I like to serve tea in an old school tea set – like the Plum Asiatic Pheasant Tea Set I found from the fine folks at England’s Burleigh Pottery.

About the Plum Asiatic Pheasant Tea Set from Burleigh Pottery: “The timeless design of our Plum Asiatic Pheasants range is the perfect way to introduce a touch of sophistication to your everyday refreshments. This charming tea set makes a beautiful gift for tea lovers and collectors of Burleigh alike. Handmade at Middleport Pottery, England. Uniquely decorated by skilled craftsmen with Burleigh’s centuries-old technique of tissue transfer printing from hand engraved copper rollers.”

These great tea sets are just the start of all the great pottery Burleigh makes from hand just like they have been doing for more than160 years – and it is all gorgeous.

About Burleigh Pottery: “At Burleigh Pottery, our skilled team of craftspeople have been producing Burleighware since 1851. It takes 25 pairs of hands to create a single piece of Burleigh pottery, and each pot is meticulously hand-finished. Creating something good, something that lasts, something that is above fashion and trends, something timeless, can’t be hurried.”

Learn more about Burleigh see all their fine crafted pottery here.

Help break the cycle of poverty by supporting the great work of the fine folks behind GOOD+ Foundation.

About GOOD+ Foundation:

“GOOD+ Foundation partners with a national network of leading programs to break the cycle of family poverty through the power of donated goods and services. GOOD+ Foundation (formerly Baby Buggy) was founded in 2001 by Jessica Seinfeld shortly after the birth of her first child. 16 years later, we have donated almost 35 million items to a national network of over 155 antipoverty programs. Together with our partners, we have helped improve positive outcomes for families.”

Learn more about GOOD+ Foundation and how you can support them here.

FF: La Mère Poulard Original French Biscuits

The delicious Original French Biscuits from the fine folks at La Mère Poulard are a special little treat whenever you have one and a great thing to keep on hand for when surprise guests stop in for tea or coffee.

About La Mère Poulard Original French Biscuits:

“An unchanged recipe for over 125 years. It’s no accident La Mère Poulard biscuits have been loved by the French since 1888! Each biscuit is a scrumptious masterpiece in its own right. By combining only the best ingredients with the rare and unparalleled, age old, artisanal craft of baking, the result is always outstanding.”

Learn more about La Mère Poulard Original French Biscuits and where to find them here.

FF: The Blood Orange Hibiscus Jam from March

A perfect companion to La Mère Poulard Original French Biscuits is the Blood Orange Hibiscus Jam I found from the fine folks at March – part of their March Pantry collection.

About the Blood Orange Hibiscus Jam from March:

Made in the United States exclusively for MARCH by Sqirl. Founded in 2011 as a jam company, Sqirl has evolved into the quintessential Los Angeles cafe, revered by locals and visitors alike. All their jams are made by hand in copper pans using traditional techniques dating back to the 1500’s. Organic fruit is sourced carefully from small local growers at the height of the season, with no pectin ever added. Each batch is limited to what is in season, so once it’s gone it’s gone. Ingredients: Moro Blood Oranges, Unrefined Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice.”

See all the great products from March Pantry here.

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With Columbus Day coming up next week there are any number of ways you can celebrate – but I suggest an heirloom-quality item like the ceramic round box depicting Columbus’ caravel ship I found from the fine folks at Mottahedeh.

About the Columbus’ caravel ship round box from Mottahedeh:

“This colorful, round box features a portion of an N.C. Wyeth painting from his series “Romance of Discovery” that features Columbus’ caravel ship sailing toward the New World. The murals in Wyeth’s series were commissioned by the National Geographic Society in 1926 to hang in Hubbard Memorial Hall, the Society’s first formal library, where they are still exhibited today.”

Find the Columbus’ caravel ship from Mottahedeh here.

See all the luxury ceramic antique reproductions from Mottahedeh here.

Which in my house – is just and excuse to post a picture of this masterpiece:

Every now and then I come across a find that is so perfect for me I just want to stop and buy everything they have to make my life perfect. Such is the case with today’s Find, the fine folks at Buffalo Jackson Trading Co., who specialize in outfitting men like the good old days. Think about providing Teddy Roosevelt with provisions for his trip into the heart of the Amazon – yeah, Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. is influenced by that sort of place.

Buffalo Jackson has great items for men, like their Wichita Boots (above right):

“Wichita Lineman is easily one of the greatest songs of all time. Hearing Glen Campbell sing Jimmy Webb’s lyrics immediately conjures up the image of a barrel chested lineman with a utility belt around his waist, and a pair of boots on his feet ready to scramble up a county pole and make the needed repairs. Everything about this picture sings ‘dependable.’ Our Wichita Boots are built on that picture – 100% leather construction, hand sewn uppers, leather laces, Goodyear welt, and a rubber lug sole designed to handle any and all overloads. In other words, completely dependable. Like a lineman for the county.”

Or how about Buffalo Jackson’s Roosevelt Satchel Messenger Bag (right):

“Our Roosevelt Satchel Messenger Bag is expertly crafted from the same bomb-proof water buffalo hide as our Vintage Messenger Bag. But here’s a big difference. It’s smaller. It’s crafted for those moments when a man knows the situation calls for more velvet-glove than big-stick. This gentleman’s satchel comes in two color options – whiskey and dark walnut. So choose your color and step confidently onto your world’s stage.”

I may not be headed down the Amazon any time soon, but Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. is the perfect place to outfit me for autumn on the prairie.

See all the great “dry goods” for men from Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. here.


Nearly eight years in to Lost Cowboy and I am still finding cool things to share – like the Indoor Bike Cover from the fine folks at Velosock. I have often gone on and on about the perfect combination of design and function that is the bicycle and how it has featured in my own artwork and design aesthetic. Now with the Velosock, I can bring my bike into my home and it make it part of the décor while keeping things clean.

About the Velosock Bike Cover:

“There’s one place for bikes, and it’s indoors. That’s how you keep your ride safe, dry and make it last longer. Meanwhile, the Velosock indoor bike cover helps you keep your walls safe from black tire marks, and floors from dirt and sands that you bring inside with your bike. The best part? The Velosock cover is deliberately made of a breathable material that dries fast. That way, it also lets your bike stay dry and thus prevents rusting. On top of all these practical things, this indoor bike cover just looks beautiful.”

Velosock offers many cool designs to ensure you pick the bike cover that works for you. I of course like the Union Jack design (above right)

See all the cool Velosock Bike Covers here.

Learn more about Velosock and see all their great products here.

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