If there was ever an artist who I think is super cool it is Dave of Arrowhead Vintage & Goods. Why? Well he takes paintings and prints found at yard sales and such and alters them by adding figures from popular culture – like the Star Wars Imperial Walker he added to this vintage Fly Fishing piece. Seriously the coolest upcycling thing I have seen in a long time.

About the Star Wars Imperial Walker Fly Fishing Altered Art from Arrowhead Vintage & Goods.

“A very peaceful painting of a man fly fishing with an Imperial Walker from Star Wars added behind him. Is the walker about to fire on him? Did he drive it over to his favorite fishing hole? Who knows. It’s super sweet though. Our altered art pieces are printed professionally on heavy card stock at 11×14 so they are super easy to find a sweet frame for. Our altered art pieces are donated to us or found at charity shops, auctions and estate sales. Original signatures are retained if available. The altering work is done in house in actual paint on the original piece.”

Learn more about Dave and his altered art from My Modern Met.

Find the Star Wars Imperial Walker Fly Fishing Altered Art from Arrowhead Vintage & Goods.

Visit Arrowhead Vintage & Goods online.

If you are like me, you find comfort in watching old sitcoms over and over. Heck, I’ve seen every episode of Frasier, Seinfeld and The Golden Girls so many times I can quote all the dialog. More recently I have been watching Th Office. I had seen the orginal British version back in the day, but never really watched the American version in its original run. But I am all caught up now and totally appreciate it and the influence the show had on popular culture. Anyway, I love books about creative endeavors and I further like oral histories, so it is perfect timing I have found The Office – The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s: An Oral History by Andy Greene.

About The Office – The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s: An Oral History by Andy Greene:

“The untold stories behind The Office, one of the most iconic television shows of the twenty-first century, told by its creators, writers, and actors. When did you last hang out with Jim, Pam, Dwight, Michael, and the rest of Dunder Mifflin? It might have been back in 2013, when the series finale aired . . . or it might have been last night, when you watched three episodes in a row. But either way, long after the show first aired, it’s more popular than ever, and fans have only one problem—what to watch, or read, next.”

The Office – The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s: An Oral History by Andy Greene is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.

I’m always looking for new cool small-batch whiskeys, and I have just found a really good one: Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey.

About Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey:

“Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is inspired by the best whiskey-maker the world never knew, the first known African-American master distiller, Nathan ‘Nearest’ Green. The Uncle Nearest brand, wholly owned by Uncle Nearest, Inc., an all minority-led business, encompasses a premium aged whiskey with a blend of 8- to 14- year old, an 11-year-old minimum age single barrel, and a 7-year-old small batch offering, all mellowed using the Lincoln County Process, a unique filtering of bourbon through sugar maple charcoal. This process has been confirmed to have been brought to Tennessee by enslaved people and taught by Nearest Green to the most famous Tennessee Whiskey maker of all time. Uncle Nearest is distilled, aged, bottled and hand-labeled in Tennessee.”

Learn more about Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey and find a local retailer.

One of the coolest gifts I received for Christmas was a set of salt from the fine folks at Duxbury Saltworks. I love salt and I love supporting small businesses – Duxbury Saltworks being a small salt maker from Duxbury, MA south of Boston.

About Duxbury Saltworks:

“Duxbury Saltworks is on a mission to bring pure, 100% natural sea salt and flavorful custom-made sea salt blends to your kitchen counter and dinner table. Since the company’s founding in 2018, a passion for wholesome, well-crafted food has transformed into a growing business that is elevating everyday cooking in an authentic and sustainable way for so many customers. The team of women at Duxbury Saltworks are Makers – we hand-harvest our sea salt – what does this mean? It means we transform sea water from Duxbury Bay in to delightful culinary sea salt flakes.”

Try Duxbury Saltworks out with their Sea Salt Starter Set:

“Adding pure ocean-fresh flavor to your everyday cooking regimen is easy with our Sea Salt Starter Set! It offers everything you need to for everyday cooking and recipe inspiration”

Visit Duxbury Saltworks and their online shop.

One of my favorites gifts I gave this year was the Astier de Villatte Cat Idol Saucer I found from John Derian. The image on the saucer depicts a orange cat being worshiped. Why do I love this so much? Well all orange cats deserve to be worshiped.

About the Astier de Villatte Cat Idol Saucer from John Derian:

“John Derian teamed up with Astier de Villatte to add his iconic imagery to their classic white tableware. The 19th-century inspired patterns and images perfectly complement the handmade ceramics. Handmade in Paris of glazed terracotta.”

Find the Astier de Villatte Cat Idol Saucer from John Derian.

Visit John Derian online.

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