Were you to spend even a minute in my home you would come to the conclusion (among many others) that I am obsessed with pens, pencils, and markers of any kind. I have tons of them stashed all over the house. Why do I have so many pens when you can arguably only use one at a time? Well, it’s because I keep finding cool new pens like the Catalina Colored Ink Felt Tip Pens I found from the fine folks at U Brands.

About the Catalina Colored Ink Felt Tip Pens from U Brands:

“The perfect pens for our color-coded connoisseur. This six pack of colored ink felt tip pens come in red, green, blue, light blue, purple and black. Our Catalina felt tip pens offer perfect precision each time for easy note taking even the smallest sections. The quick-drying ink reduces smudges plus no bleed-through ink (we got you covered). Create, plan and write with smooth, consistent ink flow each time. Go on – give them a try, we know you’ll love them just as much as we do.”

See the Catalina Colored Ink Felt Tip Pens from U Brands.

Visit U Brands online.

I am totally hooked on the Portable Facial Humidifier I found from the fine folks at Hey Dewy. Ok, it’s technically a face humidifier but it work as well, just a regular humidifier you can fit in your luggage for those dry sterile hotel rooms. Well, if you ever get to travel again.

About the Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier:

“Bring this portable USB humidifier with you wherever you go for continual hydration at work, overnight or while you travel.  Your skin and hair will thank you for it. Nourish your skin with Hey Dewy before, after or even during your beauty routine.”

Find the Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier.

Visit Hey Dewy online.

In every book about Winston Churchill (and there are many) there is one figure who emerges from the shadows behind the great man. The person is his wife, Clementine, who knew the man, and his exploits, better than anyone. Although Clementine gets more coverage in some books than in others, she is always there in some way. However, being by Churchill’s side as he made history for more than 50 years, you would think there would be more about Clementine out there. Now, in a long over-due biography, Clemmie (as Winston called her) gets the attention she deserves. Clementine: The Life of Mrs. Winston Churchill by Sonia Purnell is the book we have been waiting for to fill in the what’s been missing all these years.

About Clementine: The Life of Mrs. Winston Churchill by Sonia Purnell:

“Late in life, Winston Churchill claimed that victory in the Second World War would have been ‘impossible’ without the woman who stood by his side for fifty-seven turbulent years. Why, then, do we know so little about her? In this landmark biography, a finalist for the Plutarch prize, Sonia Purnell finally gives Clementine Churchill her due. Born into impecunious aristocracy, the young Clementine Hozier was the target of cruel snobbery. Many wondered why Winston married her, when the prime minister’s daughter was desperate for his attention. Yet their marriage proved to be an exceptional partnership. ‘You know,’ Winston confided to FDR, “I tell Clemmie everything.’”

Clementine: The Life of Mrs. Winston Churchill by Sonia Purnell is available from Amazon and other fine book retailers everywhere.

The year may be almost half over (mercifully) but that doesn’t mean it is too late to buy a new 2020 calendar. Especially a fine calendar like the 2020 Art Wall Calendar I found from the fine folks at Wilde House Paper. And yeah, it’s half off the original price.

About the 2020 Art Wall Calendar from Wilde House Paper:

“12 calendar prints composed of original art. High quality printing on luxe recycled paper in beach speckle. Gold wire spiral binding with a wire hanger for easy installation.”

There is still a lot of 2020 to go.

See the 2020 Art Wall Calendar from Wilde House Paper.

Visit Wilde House Paper online.

I have finally found the perfect center piece to build my whole living room around –  the Sven Ottoman (in Cascadia Blue Velvet of course) I found from the fine folks at Article.

About the Sven Ottoman from Article:

“The Sven Ottoman in Cascadia Blue Velvet is your new BFF. The tufted topper supports short and long legs alike. Sturdy and adaptable, this blue velvet ottoman is a great supporting character in your living space.”

See the Sven Ottoman from Article.

Visit Article online.

Just in time for Flag Day (coming up this Sunday), I found this Damascus Steel Knife from the fine folks at Santa Fe StoneworksPatriotic Collection.

About the Patriotic Collection Damascus Steel Knife from Santa Fe Stoneworks:

“Our Patriotic designs are offered in lapis, coral and mother of pearl with an inlaid mother of pearl star. What better way to pay tribute to our country! Damascus Steel is characterized by it’s strength, edge holding ability, and it’s dramatic appearance. The Damascus Steel used in our knives comes from Japan and is called ‘Sanmai Damascus’ or Sandwich Damascus. There is a core of vg-10 steel with 16 layers of stainless steel on each side to produce a rust-free Damascus look blade.”

Find the Patriotic Collection Damascus Steel Knife from Santa Fe Stoneworks.

Visit Santa Fe Stoneworks online.

It’s been a while since  I featured a watch as a find. Heck, it’s been months since I have actually worn a watch –  and I have scores of watches. But it is time (pun intended) to return to the things I love and plan for a time when the passing of time makes sense again. I am starting at the top – with the SW1 Solar Three-Hand Date Watch Set I found from the fine folks at 111 Watches.

About the SW1 Solar Three-Hand Date Watch Set from 111 Watches:

“This 42mm One Eleven watch features a matte gray dial, solar-powered movement and brown leather strap. This special set also includes a classic green nylon strap.”

Find the SW1 Solar Three-Hand Date Watch Set from 111 Watches.

Visit 111 Watches online.

I was always fascinated by Zeppelins. I think it was seeing the iconic clip of the Hindenburg disaster so many times when I was young that had me interested in what it must have been like cruising the skies in a great airship. I never really read much about Zeppelins, so most of what I knew about them came from references in books about broader topics or through their depictions in popular culture (my favorite being the underrated film The Rocketeer). Now my curiosity of Zeppelins and the era in which they ruled have been put to bed satisfactorily with Empires of the Sky: Zeppelins, Airplanes, and Two Men’s Epic Duel to Rule the World by Alexander Rose.

About Empires of the Sky by Alexander Rose:

“At the dawn of the twentieth century, when human flight was still considered an impossibility, Germany’s Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin vied with the Wright Brothers to build the world’s first successful flying machine. As the Wrights labored to invent the airplane, Zeppelin fathered the remarkable airship, sparking a bitter rivalry between the two types of aircraft and their innovators that would last for decades, in the quest to control one of humanity’s most inspiring achievements. And it was the airship—not the airplane—that led the way. In the glittery 1920s, the count’s brilliant protégé, Hugo Eckener, achieved undreamed-of feats of daring and skill, including the extraordinary Round-the-World voyage of the Graf Zeppelin.”

Empires of the Sky by Alexander Rose is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.

My first clock radio I had growing up had one of those digital clocks that flipped the numbers mechanically like an old-timey timetable at a train station. I used to stare at it waiting for the big flip when all the numbers changed at the top of the hour. I miss that clock. Lucky for me, the flip clock is having a little bit of a revival – with great new versions out there, like the Flipping Out Flip Clock I found from the fine folks at Cloudnola.

About the Flipping Out Flip Clock from Cloudnola:

“Cloudnola Flipping Out flip clock Series is the definition of a cool clock.  This open clock has flips that fall as the minutes go by, the flip clock mechanism it’s easy to admire from the sides.  The clock can be hanged on the wall or used as a table, shelve or mantel clock.  We like the retro clock influence and for now, this is our response to a digital wall clock.  The flip comes in many combinations of color Copper with Gray Flips, Gold with White Flips, Silver with Black Flips, Black on Black inspired by Rob and Big (QPD) and we also have the limited edition The Lux Flipping Out inspired by Renee’s Adidas.”

See the Flipping Out Flip Clock from Cloudnola.

Visit Cloudnola online.

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