It’s Girl Scout Cookie season (or it was until they were probably asked to self-isolate for spreading joy) which means people are eating their classic Thin Mints as we speak. That said, those treats have nothing on the Double Mints from the fine folks at Prestat – the UK’s leading Royal purveyor of fine chocolates.

About the Double Mints from Prestat:

“The best mint chocolates should be zingy, fresh and original. To this end Prestat created the Double Mints. Using Black Mitcham English mint oil, a mint fondant centre is covered in mint-infused chocolate for a double hit of the finest mint. Prestat Fact: the Queen Mother’s steward informed us that Her Majesty kept a box of Prestat mint chocolates locked in her desk draw: ‘They are not for the rabble’. Prestat was privileged to receive a second Royal Warrant from The Queen Mother in her centenary year.”

Find the Double Mints from Prestat here.

Visit Prestat online here.

Our friends in Italy need all the love and support we can provide right now. So this week we will be revisiting out November 2011 trip to Italy as reminder to keep everyone in our prayers and positive thoughts.


My laundry sits in a pile on the floor of one of my spare bedrooms which I basically use as a walk-in closet and storage room. Once or twice a week I scoop it all up and bring it down to the laundry room. I was thinking there must be a better way – especially a dedicated place for the laundry to wait until judgement day. Which is why I love the Amandi Rattan Laundry Basket I found from the fine folks at nkuku.

About the Amandi Rattan Laundry Basket from nkuku:

“Our Amandi rattan laundry basket is the perfect accessory, the tactile qualities of the natural rattan are woven into this attractive and practical basket shape complete with a lid. The rattan sits beautifully in a bathroom environment, style with other pieces from the Amandi storage collection. The rattan is sourced sustainably in Indonesia. The rattan has a wax finish that makes it suitable for a bathroom environment.”

Find the Amandi Rattan Laundry Basket from nkuku here.

Visit nkuku online here.

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