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velo1I know I can go on and on about my love of bicycles (as many commenters on this site have noted). I just love the mechanics of the bicycle and their design. Our friends in Europe have it over us when it comes to mixing high design with the practical when it comes to bikes. Take one trip to Amsterdam and you will see thousands of bikes taking on the individuality of their owners.

Likewise, Copenhagen is a bicycle mecca which makes it the perfect place for the folks at Velorbis to show their stunning collection of bicycles and accessories.

About Velorbis of Copenhagen: “’When design matters’ – Velorbis was born from the hunt for a top quality classic style urban bicycle with a stylish and iconic design aesthetic that reflected the elements of world-renowned Danish design and cool Copenhagen cycling culture. They couldn’t find what they were looking for in the bicycle industry so they decided to design their own urban commuter. – The rest is history… Today Velorbis continues to improve its design of classic style urban bicycles and other lifestyle products after studying stylish male and female Copenhagen cyclists for a number of years, listening to their issues and needs. Velorbis supports global urban sustainability and green transportation initiatives and its aim is to encourage as many people as possible to adopt a stylish two-wheeled approach.”

I love all of Velorbis’ bikes, but I particularly like the old world charm of their Classic Gents bike (above right).

About Velorbis’ Classic Gent bike: “A heroic bicycle fit for a gentleman – timeless, reliable and rugged. Our Classic Gents model reflects the sturdy muscular contours of the male physique. This traditional vintage cycle can typically be used as part of your everyday life – convenience, durability and reliability is emphasized throughout all elements of the design. Our Classic Gents upright commuter bike comes complete with luxurious brown leather accessories by English Brooks – leather saddle B67, leather handle grips and leather mud flaps.”

Velorbis also has a great accessories like this Wood Carrier Crate, which may not look good on my mountain bike here in New Hampshire, but somehow everything looks cool on a bike in Copenhagen.


Find all the Bicycles and Accessories of Velorbis of Copenhagen here.

JBikeAt some point during Hurricane Irene, my bicycle fell over rendering it useless for the rest of my recent vacation retreat.  After a summer where I had taken a bike ride of one length or another almost every day since May, I felt like my legs had been chopped off.

I blame Irene, but the bike had been long overdue for a tune up.  The breaks were spongy and the gears were totally messed up.  Therefore, job one when I returned to the New Hampshire manse following my house-sitting gig in Massachusetts was to take the bike in for repairs.

There are few things that I feel strongly about when it comes to service providers, but one of them is to use a bike shop that is locally owned and operated.  In my experience, the local small business bike shops are usually owned by someone who loves bikes and staffed by equally passionate bicycle enthusiasts.

Such is the case at The Bike Shop in North Conway, NH (no website) a short drive from my home.  I had been to this shop over the years and always received great service.  I was so happy to see they were still thriving in an area where there are many big players in the outdoor sports world – like REI, etc.  Not that there is anything wrong with those places, but again, if I have a choice I am going with the little guy.

Anyway, the folks a The Bike Shop took a look and told me what was going on with my baby – and it was worse than I hoped, but I trusted that they knew what they were doing.  The only problem was that I had to leave my bike for a couple of days which was a challenge as the weather was great and who knows how long that will last now that we are in September.

Well, I got my bike back yesterday and she was as good as new – thanks to The Bike Shop.  I immediately took it out for a spin – and am happy to report that it was the best ride of the summer – and I immediately regretted not getting the bike serviced sooner.

My point today is to seek out the smaller bike business when you need to buy or service a bike – I guarantee you will get the best service. 

RELATED PLUG: If you are in the Boston area and need your bike serviced and are too lazy to find a local shop – check out the Boston Bike Guy mobile bike shop.

I realize that by now you are scratching your head still wondering what this blog is all about.  I don’t know what to say other than I remain convinced that over time there will be a narrative and it will all make sense.  So hang in there.

We’ve learned so far that I have been cleaning out my parents’ house and finding treasures.  We’ve learned a little bit about things I have come across that strike my fancy.  But that’s it, aside from a few random bits about places and things I love (London) and promises it will all come together. 

Today is no different as I tell you about my love of bicycles. I like everything about bikes.  I like riding bikes.  I like looking at bikes.  I just like bikes.  Oh yeah, we have also learned I like new ways to use old things.


So imagine my joy when I came across the very cool work of Bike Furniture Design“Bike Furniture Design is a design and manufacturing studio specializing in contemporary, modern furniture made primarily from recycled steel and aluminum bicycle rims, handlebars, and frames.”

This stuff is seriously cool and a very clever use of the bike parts.  Some of these pieces are works of art that could totally transform a space from frumpy to hip.

I particularly like the chair.

Check it out.