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My favorite view – earlier this evening – no additional words needed…


CIWCUpon my return to New Hampshire from my Cape Cod vacation, one of my first stops was to check in on my favorite places – the base of Lake and Mount Chocorua in Tamworth, NH.

I was struck by a couple of things on this visit…

First, I realized that this stunning sight never fails to inspire me and on this day, made me realize that I was indeed home.

Second, I also noted that in all of my visits to this sight, many of which I have featured here, I have rarely seen the mountain-scape without a single cloud surrounding the peak. Usually there is some sort of cloud – even on the sunniest of days.  Today, with an extremely dry atmosphere there wasn’t a cloud to be found, save for the faintest remnants of a far away jet vapor.

Finally, it was clear that in my short week away, autumn was making its inevitable march across the north country.  The hues on the trees near the top of the mountain have clearly begun to display fall colors as well as a few leaves on the tree in the foreground have turned and are illuminated by the sun which has also taken its autumn position lower in the sky.

Once again, a stunning scene to humble me and welcome me home.


As promised…

Here is a gallery of the various views of Lake and Mount Chocurua I have taken over the past several months.  I’ve said it before – I am constantly stunned by the ever-changing beauty of the setting.  When you see all the photos put together you really get a feel for the amazing scene in all its glory.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view…

Chocorua.ee.cummingsOver the past year or so you have been treated to a series of pictures I have taken of Mount Chocorua in the Sandwich Range in eastern central New Hampshire. I love the mountain and the view of it across the lake at its base that shares its name.

It has been said that Chocorua is the most photographed mountain in the world, which sounds a little hard to verify but certainly easy to believe as it is a stunning site and easily accessible. When you drive north on NH Route 16 through Tamworth, NH on the way to North Conway and Mount Washington, you can’t help but see the stunning mountain and if you are not in a hurry you are compelled to stop, marvel and snap a shot or two.

I stop by to take a picture just about every time I drive by the area, which is about once a week or so, and have cataloged the various images here. However, I am not alone in this endeavor, as Mount Chocorua has been drawing artists and photographers to it for centuries.

I have talked about noted American landscape artist Thomas Cole’s take on the mountain in the past and there are many others. Just recently I became acquainted with the various works of poet and artist E.E. Cummings (1894-1962), who painted and drew Mount Chocorua many times over his life.


E.E. Cummings, who may be better known as a poet than a painter, apparently had a home in the area and was drawn to Chocorua like the rest of us. I love his take on the scene and how he captured the ever changing variety of looks, colors and light that has intrigued me over the years.

E.E. Cummings has been quoted as having said that he should have “lived in China where a poet is also a painter.”


Find a well-curated collection of E.E. Cummings interpretations of Mount Chocorua here.

See a gallery of the Paintings of E.E. Cummings here.


I took this shot looking over Lake and Mount Chocorua in Tamworth, NH this evening as the sun was low in the sky and bathed everything in a bright light.  I love the mix of shadows on the slopes with the pale green glow where the harsh sunlight hits.  Meanwhile, the greenery in the foreground is washed out by the light giving a hint of the autumn colors to come.


While driving home the other day I noticed there was a lot of mist and foggy patches in the air.  Although the sun was out, it was evident that a shower had passed and the cool rain meeting the warm ground resulted in a low haze.

I was not going near Chocorua per se, but I thought that this interesting atmosphere might lead to a unique view of the mountain.  So I took a little detour and found this scene – you can see the mountain shaded by the haze, and a couple of very low clouds low to the ground in front – which I think is very cool.  This is not the most amazing picture of this glorious site I have ever seen, but it is among the more interesting.


Soon we will be in my favorite time of year in New Hampshire, those late summer/early fall days when the sun is setting a little earlier shooting longer streams of light from the horizon.  I can’t wait to see what magic that provides my favorite motif.

I took this shot looking over Lake and Mount Chocorua in Tamworth, NH last week as clouds thickened right before a thunderstorm.  Chocorua’s iconic granite peak is hidden by the clouds, but the setting is still stunning.  I love how the clouds, the water and the reflections all merge into a swirl of muted colors.


Meanwhile, while standing on the bridge where I take these shots of Chocorua, I was surprised when a woman in a kayak came from under the bridge.  We chatted for a bit while she waited for her companions before paddling away.  I trust she made it to shore before the storm hit.


It was almost 40 degrees today at the base of Mount Chocorua in Tamworth, NH – what folks around here refer to as the “January Thaw” even when it has been an unusually mild winter. 

The warm temperatures, and rain over night, caused puddles on the lake.  Once again the mountain and lake create a different look than I’ve seen before.  I love the dramatic dark cloud sharply contrasting with the patch of blue sky – the latter of which can be seen reflected in the puddles in the foreground.

Sadly, the thaw, rain and relatively low snow pack has also postponement this weekend’s planned annual sled dog races that usually start in the middle of frozen Lake Chocorua.  Planners hope to be able to reschedule the races later in the winter.