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AZ1This post would have much more impact had I the foresight to do a “before and after” thing, but you will have to use your imagination.

Recently, while sorting though more of the stuff packed away in the barn, I came across two ceramic bookends: an “A” and a “Z”.  I have seen A-Z bookends in the past and always thought they were kind of fun.  But these were white with a little bit of sparkle to them.  I thought that they could use a little sprucing up.

Earlier, I had come across a half-used can of spray paint that was part of a project I did a few years ago.  I thought that it might be fun to try to see if I could paint the bookends and make them more likely to be used in the house.

I wasn’t sure if it would work – as the bookends were made of a glazed ceramic and the paint was a textured “granite” type of thing.  However, after a couple of coats the paint stuck to the glaze and the texture of the paint added a nice finish.

They took a while to dry – but when they did – I had two “saved from the dumpster” treasures to grace my bookshelf – where they sit today.


PS1While looking around for new places to find unique gifts, I discovered Papa Stour, a place that brings together the best ideas and products of Scottish artists and designers.  The result is a unique shop where you can find original and fun gifts and treasures for yourself.

About Papa Stour“Papa Stour is an online boutique, curated with a keen eye and offering a collection of Scotland’s most innovative and exciting contemporary craft and design. Papa Stour are purveyors products that are handmade with provenance and we are dedicated to showcasing some of Scotland’s brightest talent.”

There are tons of great things to browse through on the Papa Stour website.  I love these Ship’s Crew Russian Dolls by Allistair, described as: “a delightful set of seven hand painted wooden Russian dolls which includes the Captain, the First Mate, the Mechanic, the Cook, the Cabin Boy, The Ship’s Dog and even a Sea Gull.”

Check out all of the creative Scottish crafts of Papa Stour here.

40099906133I am a crafter.  There I said it.  I love scouring the aisles of craft stores and finding interesting things to do and make.  I have taken a lot of ribbing over the years for this – but I don’t care – it is fun. 

Anyway, one of my favorite sites to troll for craft items is SaveOnCrafts.com – which is just fun.  The other day I stumbled across this Set of 9 Numbered Wood Pots on Hangers for sale (and on sale) on the site.  I was struck by the fact that had I seen a vintage set of something like this at a tag sale I would have snapped them up in a second.  To discover that you can purchase these new – and in quantity – my mind is swarming with possibilities.

See the Set of 9 Numbered Wood Pots on Hangers here.

Explore everything SaveOnCrafts.com offers here.