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BENDIt will come as no surprise to you that I love the wire chairs of Bend.  My grandmother had a set of wire chairs on her summer porch when I was a kid.  They looked like they would be painful to sit in – but they were remarkably comfortable.  Those chairs are long gone, but I have often thought about them and wished I had them.

Well, all these years later I have found a modern twist on the old wire chair available from Bend.

About Bend: “Bend is a furniture and product design house. What inspires us? Just as lines are written to create a story, our lines are designed to create structures inspired by our lives. Our wire chairs are made up of intricate arrangements of wires or lines through a hand crafted method of shaping and spot welding, a process we like to call ‘bending.’ Each bend is carefully arranged to ensure structural strength, while the angles of the back, the curves of the seat, and the closeness of the wires are designed to encourage relaxation and utility.”

tropBend has many great designs in their wire furniture collection

…but you just gotta love the Lucy and Ethel chairs: “The Lucy chair is the proverbial zany redhead (also comes in white and black). A force to be reigned in. Ethel, the voice of reason, is her reliable, stately counterpart.”

See all the great wire chair designs of Bend here.

While you are there – don’t miss Bend’s wonderful line of “Geometric Animals Trophy Heads.”

LONDONBUSI love when two or more of my interests collide in the perfect application of something truly awesome.  As an unabashed Anglophile and lover of modern design, I have to say that I adore the new design of the iconic red London double-decker bus by the elite design firm Heatherwick Studio.

About A New Bus for London by Heatherwick Studio:  “In January 2010, Heatherwick Studio joined the team leading the design of a New Bus for London. The project marks the first time in more than 50 years that TFL has commissioned and overseen the development of a bus built specifically for the capital.  Working alongside specialist bus manufacturer, Wrightbus, the external design has been developed to reflect the functional requirements of the vehicle. A long asymmetric front window provides the driver with clear kerbside views, while a wrapped glazing panel reflects passenger circulation – bringing more daylight into the bus and offering views out over London.”

This New Bus for London is a great example of how function and design can come together for something that is just perfect.  I am told there are a couple already on he streets with a few more to be released to coincide with the London Olympics later this month.  I can’t wait to see these babies on my next trip to London. 

By the way, Heatherwick Studio (which “exists to make extraordinary projects happen“) was established by Thomas Heatherwick in 1994, and is known for great design projects large and small.  I am just a fan.

See the New Bus for London and other projects by Heatherwick Studio here.

GH1I have been finding all sorts of places to help me in my quest to make a nice nest for the winter – which I have been sharing over the past few days.  As I have mentioned, there is no shortage of great stuff out there and plenty of places to purchase them.

I wish I came across Gracious Home sooner.  Gracious Home is a New York-based purveyor of home furnishings.  There are a few Gracious Home shops in New York which feature all the great products they offer, but lucky for us, they also have a website where you can browse and purchase all of the goods for your home.

About Gracious Home“In a city renowned for exceptional specialty shops, Gracious Home is truly legendary. Launched as a modest hardware and housewares store in 1963, today Gracious Home is celebrated for its superb hands-on service and its vast, in-depth selection of merchandise. Through decades of dedicated one-on-one customer care, Gracious Home has evolved into an indelible resource for New Yorkers and for customers worldwide.”

A trip to Gracious Home or a spree on their website can be all you need to furnish any room in your house.  I was drawn to their great collection of blankets and throws, which are on my list of things I need to ensure I stay warm this winter.

See all the fine household goods Gracious Home offers here.

Our buddy Chrissie turned us on Ork Posters recently by telling us she purchased one as a Christmas gift for a mutual friend.  We forgot to be mad that she wasn’t buying one for us when we fell in love with the poster featured on the Ork Posters website.


“Ork Posters was born when I (Chicago-based designer Jenny Beorkrem) embarked on a search for a neighborhood poster that fit my taste for good design and typography, simplicity, and originality. My hunt came up empty. As a result, I designed the original Chicago poster in the summer of 2007 for myself.”

We love the look and style of Ms. Beorkrem’s work.  She has captured a great look for some of our favorite cities, including Chicago, New York and our hometown, Boston.  The mix of color options is fantastic and the possibilities on how to displace these very affordable works of art are endless.  They make a great gift for folks who love these cities and nice reminder of your own favorite places.

I can’t wait to see what the artist does next.  May I humbly suggest… London?

See Jenny Beorkrem’s cool city posters on the Ork Posters website.

Lost Cowboy contributor, Sophie, in town last week from London to celebrate the “uniquely American” holiday of Thanksgiving, is recommending we all embrace the new online magazine Lonny.


We all checked it out and totally endorse Sophie’s recommendation.  We love Lonny’s mission of “reopening the doors of accessible design.”

The premiere issue of Lonny – Fall 2009 – is up now. Check it out.

It takes just a little bit of time to figure out how it works – but soon you’ll be reading it just like a paper magazine.  But it is the content that you will enjoy – Lonny has a great eye for design of all styles and presents it all in an accessible way.

Check out Lonny now.

You just have to love a website that calls themselves exactly what they are.  Such is the case with Cool Knobs and Pulls – they sell cool knobs and pulls.  Imagine that!51085-S

We love this site.  There is no easier way to spruce up a boring set of kitchen cabinets or a tired old bedroom dresser than just changing the door pulls or draw handles.  Even in apartments I have rented in the past that I did not own, I swapped out the generic cabinet pulls with ones of my own to add a little personality.  I just put the old ones back before I moved and brought my pulls with me.

You should consider doing the same.  The only problem you are going to have is choosing from  the many different kinds offered on Cool Knobs and Pulls’ website.  There are traditional pulls, knobs and pulls for kids, ceramic knobs and pulls, and much more.

How they describe themselves: “At Cool Knobs and Pulls.com, we believe that great hardware can improve your quality of life. Having the right cabinet knobs and drawer pulls can transform ordinary furniture and cabinets into an extraordinary expression of your fine personal taste! Kitchen cabinet hardware is our passion and our goal is to provide you with today’s latest and most popular styles.”

Check out Cool Knobs and Pulls.com

Some times when I write one of these posts about a cool website or product I find, I can’t help thinking that I may be the last to know about it.  So please forgive me if we present something here like it is the newest thing and you have known about it forever.  Instead, all I ask is that you congratulate us on finally catching on to something great. Deal?  Deal!


Such is the case with the latest thing that caught my eye, Denyse Schmidt Quilts.  Everybody likes a good quilt and Ms. Schmidt’s designs are hip and cool while somehow staying traditional – which is exactly the type of thing we like here.

Checking out the various quilt designs on the Denyse Schmidt Quilts website, I am struck by the colors and obvious quality of the quilts.  Again, we find a provider or a quality product at an appropriate price that you can feel special about owning.  

Anyone can buy a mass-produced bed covering with a cool looking design at a larger retailer (heck, I love what IKEA offers).  But you can see that these quilts are an investment and are not the run of the mill (literally!) textiles.


My favorite design (and that is a tough choice) is the called “what a dish” and is available in a few different colors.

Based in Bridgeport, CT Denyse Schmidt Quilts offers classes and other products like books, kits and patterns, in addition to quilts and pillows.  Take a look at the Denyse Schmidt Quilts website to find news about sales and other events.

Take a look at what Denyse Schmidt Quilts has to offer.

After our posting about FLOR carpet tiles last week, our Lost Cowboy curator received many suggestions for other fun floor coverings. 

There is no shortage of fun rugs and tiles out there.  But the one we liked best from the flurry of suggestions was found at VivaTerra.com – this really cool mat made from recycled tape measures:


“Yards ahead in style and woven out of tough eco-friendly plastic, our mat-made from recycled tape measures-brightens up kitchen or entryway with its lively striped ribbons of vivid color. Inchworms and the rest of us can finally set foot on a mat that measures up to our highest standards for durability and panache. “

And if the tape measure mat doesn’t strike your fancy, check out the flip-flop doormat.

chels3I have two cats, but I am not a cat person.  My house is not full of cat pictures, statues and tapestries.  My big secret is that I am a dog person, even though I do not have a dog.  Nor do I have a house full of dog-inspired memorabilia and have always thought it to be a bit tacky to decorate based on your favorite breed.  Although we all know someone who loves a particular breed, say Yorkies, and their house is full of Yorkie stuff like pillows, sweatshirts, plates, etc.

However, I am thinking about changing my opinion as a result of coming across these cushions made by Chelsea Textiles

“Chelsea Textiles was formed in 1992 to faithfully recreate antique textiles, cushions and furnishing accessories, the originals of which are becoming vanishingly scarce. Chelsea Textiles’ meticulous research and use of authentic materials and colours, their unparalleled attention to detail and hand-crafting all combine to produce items of unique excellence…. antiques of the future.”


These dog cushions may look common, but you can tell right away that they are of the highest quality.  One thing I like about Chelsea Textiles is that they call what they make “Antiques of the future” – I just love that confidence, and if you take a look at the furniture you can see why they can make this claim.

But back to these delightful needlepoint dogs on cushions.  It appears that Chelsea Textiles deals exclusively with the design community.  However, if you look around you may be able to find some items for sale a various websites – just do a search on “Chelsea Textiles” and “pillow” or “cushion.”

Be ready, these gems may be a little more pricey than you expect.  But who can put a price tag on joy?


See the variety  Chelsea Textiles Dog Cushions here.

I realize that by now you are scratching your head still wondering what this blog is all about.  I don’t know what to say other than I remain convinced that over time there will be a narrative and it will all make sense.  So hang in there.

We’ve learned so far that I have been cleaning out my parents’ house and finding treasures.  We’ve learned a little bit about things I have come across that strike my fancy.  But that’s it, aside from a few random bits about places and things I love (London) and promises it will all come together. 

Today is no different as I tell you about my love of bicycles. I like everything about bikes.  I like riding bikes.  I like looking at bikes.  I just like bikes.  Oh yeah, we have also learned I like new ways to use old things.


So imagine my joy when I came across the very cool work of Bike Furniture Design“Bike Furniture Design is a design and manufacturing studio specializing in contemporary, modern furniture made primarily from recycled steel and aluminum bicycle rims, handlebars, and frames.”

This stuff is seriously cool and a very clever use of the bike parts.  Some of these pieces are works of art that could totally transform a space from frumpy to hip.

I particularly like the chair.

Check it out.