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Excuse the alliteration, but I can’t help myself…

…here are a few Fun Furniture Finds for a Friday.

FF: The Union Jack chest from Overstock.com

UJCI have featured furniture in the past that has been decorated with the Union Jack – a motif I really like. I have seen many treatments for the Union Jack emblazoned across a chest of drawers and even considered painting one myself.

However, like most things on my “to do” list there is always a better option… buying one. For example I love this “distressed” Union Jack small chest I found at Overstock.com.

…and its companion Union Jack cabinet.

See the Union Jack small chest from Overstock here.

Find the Union Jack cabinet from Overstock here.

FF: The Butler’s Table from Baker Furniture

bttbttStaying on the furniture theme, one of my favorite things is a vintage butler’s table that I inherited from my parents’ collection. It is a lovely piece and I use it all the time – mostly to help with my art show displays. I get a lot of comments about my butler’s table and have even had offers to buy it – but I decline them all. But now I can steer folks to an almost exact reproduction – this Butler’s Table from Baker Furniture.

About the Butler’s Table from Baker Furniture: “The Butler Table is one of those practical forms that is not only popular but finds a new application for every generation. Aesthetically clean, this version offers two flip-top panels essentially tripling its width, a removable tray, and the option to fold it up for storage in a closet. The top is a crisply-quartered walnut. Stylized brass horns, in lieu of brackets, soften the look. Brass feet. Embroidered felt sleeve with Baker logo included for storing removable legs.”

Visit Baker Furniture online here.

FF: The Spice Arlo Barstool from World Market

arloMeanwhile, my love or stools, and industrial-inspired pieces, led me to the Spice Arlo Barstool from World Market.

About the Spice Arlo Barstool from World Market:

“Crafted of metal with a vibrant spice finish, our Spice Arlo Barstool puts quick comfort in bar seating. Simple and sturdy, it’s a perfect dining or additional accommodation solution.”

The Spice Arlo Barstool is currently on sale at World Market.

FF: The Garden Stools of Décor Décor

ddsMoving outside, every garden needs a stool. The folks at Décor Décor have a nice selection of Garden Stools.

I like Décor Décor’s Hexagon Garden Stool:

“Hexagon garden stool with classic lattice design. Use as a decorative accent indoors or outdoors. Perfect as a stool, side table or outdoor patio accessory.”

Find all the Garden Stools of Décor Décor here.

See all the home and garden décor of Décor Décor here.

FF: Cape Grim Water

GRIMI love a good spring water and none comes better recommended that that of Cape Grim Water from Tasmania of all places.

About Cape Grim Water: “Rain is nature’s main way of cleaning the air. The air purity at Cape Grim (N. West Tasmania) is recognized by both governments and scientists as being the cleanest /purest air on Earth. Cape Grim is located North of Antarctica and receives air that has travelled 16,000 kilometers across nothing but the freezing Antarctic Ocean only to reach the warmer land and turn into rain. On average it rains 187 days per year. You wouldn’t want to live at Cape Grim, but the rain water is worth bottling.”

Learn more about Cape Grim Water here.

See all the products of Cape Grim Water here.

FF: The BINK media table

binkI am constantly looking for a surface to rest my laptop and other devices on. I am inevitably balancing things awkwardly which leads to many an accident. I think I have found the perfect solution to this problem: the BINK media table.

About the BINK media table: “A convenient mobile media table, BINK is the perfect companion anywhere you work or this convenient table goes anywhere you want. With a soft, contoured shape, BINK creates a comfortable workspace for a laptop or tablet or is an attractive resting spot for your favorite libation. Constructed of aluminum and steel, BINK is perfectly at home inside or out and is available in an array of tasty colors.”

Learn more about the BINK media table here.

FF: The wood bicycles of Masterworks

DEFENDERI have often gone on and on about the art of the bicycle. Although I think all bikes are amazing works of art and design, I think the wood bicycles of Masterworks are truly masterpieces. I like the Defender model.

About the Defender wood bicycle from Masterworks: “The Defender is Masterworks’ first wood bike, and shows the true depth of the artisans’ passion for woodworking. The contrast in woods allows for the subtle curves of the bike to give it its timeless look.”

See all the wood bicycles of Masterworks here.

The wood bicycles of Masterworks are available exclusively from Bespoke Global.

FF: The designer home furnishings of Milan’s Spazio Rossana Orlandi

SUITCCOK, queue the critics, my high-end tastes are about to be displayed again with this find: The designer home furnishings of Milan’s Spazio Rossana Orlandi.

About Spazio Rossana Orlandi of Milan: “Spazio Rossana Orlandi opened in 2002 in a former tie factory in the Magenta neighborhood. The spaces wind around a green courtyard and they are divided between the 2-floor store, where you can find contemporary and vintage furniture and the gallery, established in 2008 , a space dedicated to limited editions and unique pieces. Since from the start the aim was to forecast and promote young and upcoming designers, discovered all around the world.”

Spazio Rossana Orlandi is loaded with gorgeous design pieces like the amazing suitcase chest of drawers from designer James Plumb.

Check out the products and designers offered through Spazio Rossana Orlandi here.

FF: The Pebble Watch

peppleI love watches and gizmos. The Pebble is a combination of both – a watch that works with your smartphone to pass along all manner of fun information on the go. One step closer to the promise Dick Tracy made us all those years ago.

About the Pebble watch: “Pebble is the first watch built for the 21st century. It’s infinitely customizable, with beautiful downloadable watch faces and useful internet-connected apps. Pebble connects to iPhone and Android smartphones using Bluetooth, alerting you with a silent vibration to incoming calls, emails and messages. While designing Pebble, we strove to create a minimalist yet fashionable product that seamlessly blends into everyday life.”

I like the Pebble used on the handlebars of the bicycle!

Read more about the Pebble here.

FF: Issi Tumblers

issiI also love my barware (almost as much as what I put in it) and I think the Issi Tumblers I found at Teroforma are really cool – like wine glasses without the stems.

About Issi Tumblers: “Mouthblown non-lead crystal tumbler employs the S-curve theme of the Issi series to a functional effect. The tulip-shaped rim makes a unique aesthetic statement while also accentuating the sweetness of the beverage inside. Dishwasher safe.”

Issi Tumblers are handmade in the Czech Republic and available in the US from Teroforma.

See all the great product of Teroforma here.

FF: Caskers Fine Spirits Service

CASKTo fill said glasses there is Caskers, a great service that will send you hard-to-find craft spirits to members. That means small batch bourbon and the like sent right to your door! Where do I sign up?

About Caskers: “Caskers introduces you to amazing craft spirits that aren’t available at your local liquor store. Our experts work to bring you the finest artisanal spirits that are sourced from fresh, local produce and are a celebration of the passion and dedication of the master distillers who make them by hand. Craft distilleries are creating unique spirits and redefining the traditional cocktail. Our goal is to introduce you to these spirits, which will challenge your preconceptions with extraordinary aromas and flavors that you simply aren’t used to experiencing.”

Learn more about Caskers services here.

FF: Deyrolle of Paris

DeyrolleOn my next trip to Paris I have made a note to stop in at Deyrolle, a world-renowned taxidermy shop that puts most natural history museums to shame.

About Deyrolle of Paris: “Depuis 1831, Deyrolle rassemble dans une atmosphère de cabinet de curiosités d’importantes collections destinées à tous les amateurs de la nature. La boutique propose des collections riches et variées d’insectes, de coquillages, d’animaux naturalisés, de curiosités naturelles, de livres et de planches pédagogiques. Aujourd’hui, la boutique est plus belle que jamais. Des mammifères de grande taille aux splendides oiseaux naturalisés, des papillons multicolores aux insectes étonnants, l’univers de Deyrolle incite au rêve, à la curiosité, aux découvertes.”

Don’t worry, I can’t read French either. Translation = Very Cool!

Visit Deyrolle of Paris online here.

TAJIKAThere was a time when the label “made in Japan” did not evoke the best of quality. However, pretty much these days, something made in Japan – especially something from traditional sources of well-made goods – is something one looks for. Like the Tajika Haruo Ironworks Scissors I found at Analogue Life.

About Tajika Haruo Ironworks: “Tajika Haruo Ironworks, located in Ono City, northeast of Kobe, has been producing high quality handcrafted scissors and shears for over four generations since its founding in the Showa Period. Produced entirely by hand these versatile scissors are not only for clipping flowers but can be used for a multitude of household tasks.”

I love the Tajika Flower Shears from Tajika Haruo Ironworks available through Analogue Life. Analogue Life curates a wonderful line of Japanese home products and it a fun place to browse.

About Analogue Life: “Analogue Life focuses primarily on contemporary Japanese housewares. Most of the products we carry are handmade by artisans or craftsmen working out of small studios, or small manufacturers, many with long histories and employing techniques perfected over generations.”

Find the Tajika Flower Shears from Analogue Life here.

See all the great products offered by Analogue Life here.

GARDENWAGONHere’s another one of my finds that is best suited for the 1% and is only but a dream for someone like me – the Canvas Garden Wagon from JANUS et Cie.

I can’t make any reasonable excuse for why I need something like this – as I have a perfectly functioning wheelbarrow and my garden consists of a dozen or so plastic containers on the back porch. But I love this wagon and I want one.

About the Canvas Garden Wagon from JANUS et Cie: “Why shouldn’t useful tools be beautiful as well? The Garden Wagon is functionality at its best – an ultra-light cart that carries ten times its weight and is completely proofed against rust, water and rot. The fade-resistant acrylic canvas also resists damage from the sun, water and abrasion. Nylon wheels are mounted on dustproof bearings and suspended by fiberglass shafts and pneumatic tires. The Garden Wagon brown canvas top is available with or without the JANUS et Cie Topiary logo.”

The Canvas Garden Wagon is only one of the great things found at JANUS et Cie, they certainly know how to curate the best design furnishings found anywhere.

About JANUS et Cie: “For more than 34 years, JANUS et Cie has offered the best in interior and exterior residential, hospitality, contract and site and furnishings…each piece a superior example of design and craftsmanship. Our products add a distinctive look to the world’s finest private and public settings: residences, estates, gardens, country clubs, fine ships, restaurants, hotels, offices, conference rooms, corporate lobbies and campuses, public and government buildings, cafeterias and meeting spaces, parks, libraries, shopping centers, food courts, theme parks, hospitals, museums, and universities.”

Now I will go back to dreaming about the life I was mean to have.

See the Canvas Garden Wagon and all the great items curated by JANUS et Cie here.

enamelEvery now and then I come across an old enamel cup and think they are pretty cool. Inevitably there is a chip of some sort on the cup that instead of making it look bad – adds to the coolness factor.

I had thought that this type of enamel cup was a thing of the past. However, I was thrilled to come across the Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Cups from Best Made.

About the Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Cups from Best Made: “Whether you’re sipping Lapsang Souchong or Laphroiag: let the chimes of clinking enamel steel resound. Huzzah! These are the best enamel steel cups available, and they come to us from a 100 year old factory in Poland: a land with a long and celebrated enamelware tradition. Using World War Two era machinery our renowned AXE logo was baked directly into the cup insuring a smooth, long-lasting, and seamless finish. But what truly distinguishes our cups is that the rim and the handle — the two spots that get the most abuse — are reinforced with a double dipping of enamel, making this the most steadfast cup in the land.”

Why do I have a feeling that bourbon would taste particularly good coming out of one of these cups while sitting by the fire this winter.

See the Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Cups and everything else Best made offers here.

infturkJust in time for Thanksgiving next week, I have found the incredibly fun Inflatable Turkey from Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store.  Add this to the list of things I always wanted but didn’t know they had.

About the Inflatable Turkey from Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store:  “This Inflatable Turkey looks so delicious you can almost smell the stuffing. But keep the carving knives away, because this bird is strictly for show! Each 16″ long, vinyl turkey is perfect for staging your Holiday table while the real turkey is roasting, or a replacement beach ball to bat around on a sunny day. The Inflatable Turkey Gag comes deflated in a cool illustrated SPAM-like tin.”

I love the idea of using this inflatable bird “for staging your Holiday table” – I have always wanted something like this because the whole turkey never ended up on the table – it is given to rest before carving. But the iconic Thanksgiving table pictures always have the whole turkey with those little white hats on the end of the drumsticks.

Anyway, the Inflatable Turkey is the perfect companion for my inflatable Christmas tree.

Find the Inflatable Turkey from Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store here.

See all the cool products of Blue Ribbon General Store here.

cc2I love découpage and there is no better purveyor of fine découpage products right now than Ben’s Garden of Oyster Bay, Long Island.  I have purchased a few of his products in the past as gifts and they have been universally well received.

The other day, I was looking around the Ben’s Garden website and was attracted to two découpage trays featuring vintage images of Cape Cod.  I am looking forward to my annual vacation to Wellfleet, MA – on said Cape Cod – and these trays made me want to be there right now.  There are a few weeks left before this vacation – and I don’t want to wish away the balance of summer – so gazing at these great Cape Cod trays will have to hold me over.

About the Cape Cod 8″x 8″ Glass Valet Tray (Above, right) from Ben’s Garden: “This antique map reflects Ben’s unique aesthetic for the charming and unusual. Handcrafted in the traditional, French technique of découpage, the art of carefully cutting and gluing paper images to glass, in our Oyster Bay, NY studio. Each piece is felted to finish the backside and signed by Ben. A folded card explaining the découpage process accompanies each piece.”

The same description can be said for the Vintage Cape Cod 6″x 10″ Glass Tray (Below) which I also love. 

See all the découpage works from Ben’s Garden here.


BONBI love bikes and I love polar bears, so yeah, it makes total sense that I love this Bears on Bikes tee shirt from the L.A.-based design house, Poketo.

About the Bears on Bikes Tee from Poketo: “Cycle around town with these three lovable polar bears. Made with soft and comfy material, this shirt is made for exploring every corner of your favorite street with the same easy-going spirit as these ursine creatures. These three are definitely not your average bears.”

I do a ton of cycling around the hills and woods here in New Hampshire, and I have seen a few bears out and about while on my rides, none riding bikes themselves of course.  But contrary to the belief of some of my friends down south, the bears here are not quite the polar variety – we are pretty far north, but not that far north.  But I love this shirt just the same.

Check out all the cool products (and there are many) of Poketo here.

MONKSWIZI have no good reason to invest in high-end swizzle sticks, or swizzle sticks in general for that matter.  However, I am going to try to find a good reason very quickly as I have fallen in love with the Monkey and Palm Swizzle Stick from Patrick Mavros.

About the Monkey and Palm Swizzle Stick from Patrick Mavros: “The lively grey vervet monkey is found throughout the subcontinent. A charming and sociable animal, it has an appealing, velvety-black face and expressive white brows. This monkey has stolen some palm wine and gotten drunk. He swivels dizzily round and round the stick brandishing a coconut and mixing your cocktail at the same time!”

I love the whole monkey motif – were he wearing a fez there would be no question – I would have three in my collection already.  I have to say I love these guys and many of Patrick Mavros’ other extraordinary silver sculptures. 

I also love the ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil’ set of monkey spoons.

See all of the silver sculptures of Patrick Mavros here.