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Happy Bastille Day!

FB7Somewhere in my mother’s collection of stuff (which I am still sorting through) she has a Spiro Agnew novelty watch from the 70’s.  Don’t ask how I know or remember that, but I look forward to finding it.  Or course, when I do, you’ll read about it here.

In the meantime…

Richard Nixon may have been the only US President to resign in disgrace, but his namesake watch company makes really cool watches.

We found this really great watch (and others by Nixon) on ShopBop.com.

Check out all the watches on ShopBop.

FB8Sad to say, your intrepid Lost Cowboy does not have a Valentine this year.  It’s a long story but he hasn’t had a date in something like 10 years – but that is another story.

But today is Valentine’s Day and there are many ways to share the love.  One of the coolest ways to say I love you is by placing “I love you cards” at random places around town.  Leaving little love notes in you lover’s things so he or she finds them throughout the day is cool.  But I Love You Cards.org has made it easy to leave notes of cheers wherever and whenever you want to surprise and delight perfect stranger who may find them.

I Love You Cards is not a Valentine’s Day-only effort – it is encourages you to spread love and joy every day of the year.  The I Love You Cards .org website provides you the opportunity to order a batch of 20 I Love You Cards for a nominal shipping fee and encourages you to share your pictures and stories about where you place the cards.

I love this idea and totally support it.  So let order some I Love You Cards and start spreading the love.

Today, Dec. 26th,  is Boxing Day celebrated throughout the British Empire, but sadly, not here in America.  My friends and I have great day after Christmas traditions.  We get up super early and meet up to go shopping, have a big breakfast and exchange gifts.  We’ve done it for years and still do it mostly to see each other and compare notes on our holidays.toffee

Boxing Day comes from the old tradition of the upper classes giving the less fortunate a Christmas gift in the form of a box.  In more modern times the lord of the manor would give holiday boxes to his servants on the day after Christmas after having worked on the holiday.  It is celebrated today mostly to make Christmas a two day holiday in the Commonwealth nations.

As an anglophile, I like the whole idea of Boxing Day.  It is great excuse to show you this great box I found.  This is a vintage Riley’s Toffee tin featuring a classic English countryside scene: a fox hunt.  It may not be politically correct, but we love fox hunt scenes.

This tin (or box – get it?) is available for sale from Jayson Home and Garden.  Check it out and while you are on the site, poke around, Jayson Home and Garden offer some delightful objects.

Happy Boxing Day!