harv3I never thought I would have a personal groundhog and this day would hit so close to home.  But alas I do (have a personal groundhog) and this days does mean something to me…

There is at least one groundhog living somewhere on the premises here at the New Hampshire homestead.  I think he lives in a burrow under the barn.  Last spring and summer I saw the little guy a few times a week, sunning himself sprawled out in the back yard and/or chomping his way through the brush.

I named him “Groundy” and he was fun to watch.  But, as Lost Cowboy followers may recall, the cute little Groundy was responsible for eating nearly my entire garden after I transplanted hundreds of seedlings.  Not fun!

The Groundy I first saw in the early spring was a skinny little guy.  By midsummer, he was quite chunky, no doubt as a result of his feasting on my hard labor.

Today I will be keeping an eye out for Groundy to see if he emerges to find out if he has a shadow.  However, it is highly unlikely, as he is probably still hibernating dreaming of what I will be planting this spring.

In any case, I am thrilled to mark this day, one step closer to the promise of spring even if the weather is unquestionably still wintry.  Wherever Groundy is, I wish him and his family a Happy Groundhog Day!  And wherever you are, I wish you an early and bountiful spring.

“Groundy” later in the season after weeks of feasting on my garden: