SnACkWe here at Lost Cowboy stay out of discussions of politics, religion and sex – just like our Nana taught us about polite conversation.  Similarly, we have learned to play it cool with taking sides in major sporting events.

With the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday, we will not take sides, but will remind readers that we live in New Hampshire, which geographically is part of the region of the country known as New England.

Instead of taking a rooting interest, we will turn our attention to things that can help make any Super Bowl party special, like the Wincraft NFL Snack Helmet for sale at Wayfair.

The Wincraft NFL Snack Helmet comes in fully licensed versions for all NFL teams, including the ones outside of New England.  The Snack Helmet has removable trays for your snacks which makes set-up and clean-up easy.

I think the Snack Helmet is perfect for the Big Game or any game to show pride in your favorite team.

See the Wincraft NFL Snack Helmet and other great products available from Wayfair here.