HWBWhen I was a junior in high school and the youngest of four kids, my parents lost all interest in parenting with the three older kids in college.  This led to a brief, glorious period of indulgences they laid upon me which included unlimited McChicken sandwiches and the purchase of a waterbed.

Despite the fact that I was so nauseous the first night sleeping on it that I ended up sleeping on the floor, the waterbed turned out to be really great.  The thing I liked most about the waterbed was the heating pad that warmed the bed to body temperature – which was so nice.

Today, I love my heated mattress pad.  However, I love the idea of curling up with an old school hot water bottle, like the kind still offered by Ancient Industries.  These modern Hot Water Bottles, modeled after bottles that have been around for centuries, come in a variety of color and are just so cool, or er so hot.  Anyway, Ancient Industries is cool in general.

About Ancient Industries: “Ancient Industries are the noted purveyors of traditional household goods and clothing. We travel to various destinations around the British Isles, Europe and America, looking for useful objects which have been in production for decades, centuries & millennia. Our goods are both classic and modern because of their enduring mix of form and function.”

If the hot water bottles weren’t hot enough, Ancient Industries also sells a line of hot water bottle sweaters. Described as “Hand knitted (not by a granny) in Leicestershire. Turtle neck collar and buttoned Long John flaps.”

See all the cool products of Ancient Industries here.