SDCToday may be Super Sunday, and it is somewhat of a popular culture holiday.  All across this great nation people will be gathering to watch the big game, eat junk food, watch commercials, boo or cheer Madonna, and of course root for their favorite team.

I will be doing all of that, but I will also be participating in a time honored tradition – the Craft Bowl.

For several years back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, my lifelong friend Lynda and I would gather with various friends on this day to watch the game and do craft projects.  I am not sure how it started, but I do know it is was always a lot of fun.  One year I made an awesome decoupage mirror, another year we made a bunch of Valentines.

With a few years hiatus, Lynda and I will be starting the Craft Bowl up again today.  In addition to various craft projects, we will be trying out a few recipes as well.  I am sure we will have fun, and I will undoubtedly post about some of our efforts here.

While thinking about the Craft Bowl, I visited one of my favorite web vendors, Sunshine Discount Crafts.  I have purchase many items from Sunshine Discount Crafts over the years, from basic craft items to things for my big art projects.  Their prices are great as is the variety of items.

In addition to selling the supplies, Sunshine Discount Crafts offer tips and ideas for projects like this timely Conversation Heart Gift or Trinket Box.  The Sunshine Discount website provides step by step directions and of course a list of supplies you will need and may purchase on line – everything you need for your very own Craft Bowl.

Visit Sunshine Discount Crafts here.