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Another dramatic picture of Mount Chocorua in Tamworth, NH in midwinter.  Once again I am awed by the ever-changing beauty of this sight.

Today there was a cold wind blowing across the lake as one brave ice fisher can be seen setting up his shack in the middle of the frozen water.

I love the shadows and snow on the mountain that highlight its great contours.  There is no wonder why so many artists have camped in this very spot over the centuries to capture Chocorua’s beauty.


russian.dollsHere is one of the most perfect pairings of medium and subject I have seen in a long time – a set of Russian Nesting Dolls featuring past and present leaders of the USSR and Russia.

I received this set as a birthday gift this past Christmas (a long story) from my lifelong friend Deb.  The second I opened it and saw the outer Mikhail Gorbachev doll I knew what was in store.  As I opened each one, I was praying the would be a Brezhnev, and sure enough he was there along with Yeltsin, Putin and yes, even Stalin.  Just so great!

I try to resist the urge of looking up presents like these online, as I want to appreciate the gift for what it is.  But I did do a quick search and found similar sets for sale, but I did not see this exact set – but again I did limited research and I am sure with a little more legwork you could find a set easily.

I was just so thrilled to receive this wonderful gift and these dolls have quickly become a fixture on my kitchen shelves.