HotelCWhat is Valentine’s Day without the hear-shaped box of chocolates?

My go to place for chocolates on special occasions for the past few years has been Hotel Chocolat, the fine British purveyor of sweets.

Hotel Chocolat has a full line of Valentine’s gifts that will surely show your loved one that you truly care.  You still have time to order and have them delivered in time for next week’s holiday.

From the folks at Hotel Chocolat:  “Chocolate is the unspoken language of love. From the heady blend of classic romance, passion and intrigue of the ‘Sealed with a Kiss selection’, to the irresistible gift bag of goodies that is the ‘Be Mine Concierge Bag!’ You will find the perfect Valentine gift to tell your “someone special” exactly how you feel.”

By the way, a plug for my favorite line of Hotel Chocolat products – their Liquid Chocolat hot chocolate mixes.  Seriously this stuff will make you realized that you have never had hot chocolate before.  It even rivals the hot chocolate at the Wellfleet Market.

Find Hotel Chocolat’s Valentine’s Day line here.

See more about Hotel Chocolat’s Liquid Chocolat here.

Meanwhile, I love the trend of sea salts on candy like the chocolate covered sea salt caramels of Indulge.

From the folks at Indulge Caramels:  “The chocolate covered sea salt caramels are finally back! It took us a while to get back in the swing of things after the holidays, but we finally finished a big batch, and they’re ready to go out to your Valentine (or just to you)! Enjoy.”

Find the chocolate covered sea salt caramels of indulge here.