NKDI have written before about how much I love making pizzas and my perfect recipe for dough.  Well I just tried another (new to me) method of making pizza dough and it was great.  It is a No-Knead Pizza Dough recipe I found in Bon Appetit magazine and it is super easy, yummy, and you can make it ahead and freeze it.

About the No-Knead Pizza Dough recipe from Bon Appetit: “This dough is chewy, bubbly, and better than what you’ll get at most pizza places. It bakes wonderfully in a home oven, on a pizza stone or a baking sheet. And thanks to the brilliant no-knead method of Jim Lahey—owner of New York’s Sullivan Street Bakery and pizza spot Co.—it’s easy to prepare, deriving its character from overnight fermentation, not laborious kneading. Just remember to start at least 1 day ahead.”

I tried the recipe and it was as good as advertised.  The best part is that by following the recipe as written you have enough dough to make 6 or 7 average sized pizzas – way more than I even need at one time – but it is the perfect dough to freeze ahead.  When you are ready to use it – defrost overnight in the fridge, and then let sit out to room temperature before preparing it to cook and you will be very happy.

Another thing this dough is good for is making hearty rolls.  Just form small balls and bake to desired crispness and you have the perfect companion for a dinner or soup and salad.

Find the No-Knead Pizza Dough recipe from Bob Appetit magazine here.