lineausTo look at me you may be tempted to think that I have never seen the inside of a gym.  To that I say that I’ve seen plenty…  in old movies.  I love the gyms in old movies, there is always a big punching bag and a medicine ball – both items looking like they are well-used and well-crafted.

Most of the gym equipment we see these days does not look as good, it may be well designed, and more functional, but much let attractive.  However, I have discovered the Lineaus Athletic Company, a company that makes traditional punching bags and medicine balls in a variety of shapes and they are really cool.

About the medicine balls of Lineaus Athletic Company:  “Lineaus products have their design origins in traditional forms. Human needs for athletic equipment call for a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights. Each custom-made and numbered product is designed to be durable while being soft to the touch.”

The products of Lineaus are not cheap, but they are pretty.  I am thinking about saving my pennies so I can buy the $5,800 medicine bag just to hang in my house. 

See all the fine “medicine” products of Lineaus Athletic Company here.