redtruckI was reminded of my mother’s signature recipe for sour cream coffee cake over Christmas.  It was the Christmas before that she was all upset that she was not feeling well enough to make her coffee cake to bring to the family Christmas brunch.

“Everyone will be so disappointed,” she lamented.

I tried to calm her down by retelling the story about the time a young cousin said – upon hearing someone mention my mother’s coffee cake: “Oh that? We have a freezer full of them.”

I assured mom that we would survive.  However, I did make a note that were we ever to miss said coffee cake, we could order one from Red Truck Bakery, who use a similar sour cream recipe.

About the Sour cream coffee cake from Red Truck Bakery: “This is our best-selling coffee cake. It’s an eight-inch round rich sour cream cake with pecans and cinnamon streusel in the center and on top. Great with breakfast, brunch and with coffee, tea, or for a midnight-snack. A smart gift for sending across the country; it travels well, freezes well and stays moist for quite awhile.”

Meanwhile, at the risk of overdoing my bourbon obsession, I also want to check out Red Truck’s bourbon cake: “A trip to Kentucky inspired this rich cake, and it’s already a big hit. We’ve blended top-shelf bourbon, cherries, a bit of almond and a good splash of root beer into an 8-inch ring cake topped with a royal icing glaze. The booze in the cake is pronounced yet not too strong; the flavor mix sounds wacky but it really works: the root beer subdues the bourbon, and the cherry/almond undertones add sweet depth and dimension. We really do love this cake (as does our county sheriff, who was present when the first batch came out of the oven)!”

See all the great items Red Truck Bakery offers and read their back story here.