“We turn not older with years, but newer every day.”

– Emily Dickinson


PW.12.1You may recall my obsession with paper whites – the flower – which was well documented here this time last year. I remember that my paper whites bloomed for the first time on New Year’s Day and vowed that I would start the bulbs earlier in hopes that the would bloom in time for the following Christmas.

The “following Christmas” referred to the Christmas just passed, and I did as I planned. I purchased paper white bulbs, held them in a paper bag in a cool dark place until I was ready. Right before Thanksgiving, I took the bulbs and placed them in jars with stones and cranberries (the same method I used the year before).

The bulbs sprouted right away and I had good growth right up until Christmas, but no blooms. But wouldn’t you know, they bloomed for the first time last week… On New Year’s Day! Oh well.

I think that the paper whites may be a New Year’s tradtion for me now. Of course next time if I try to time them for New Year’s Day they will bloom on Valentines Day.

My paper whites in my kitchen window of a snowy New Year’s Day 2013: