sledThat beautiful mountain scene you have seen me post every so often here is soon to be the place to be. In just a couple of weeks, the New England Sled Dog Club will be hosting a race that begins and ends in the middle of frozen Lake Chocorua at the foot of the majestic Mount Chocorua. This annual race is a lot of fun to watch and is the social event of the season in the region.

To prepare myself to attend this year’s race, I just finished reading A History of Dog Sledding in New England by Bruce D. Heald, PhD, the perfect primer for the event.

About A History of Dog Sledding in New England by Bruce D. Heald, PhD: “Sled dogs trot through expanses of sparkling white snow, pulling a musher and energetically surging with the command, ‘Let’s go!’ From puppies to seasoned competitors, sled dogs partner with mushers in a passionate pursuit of a great racing tradition. The renowned and formidable Laconia World Championship Sled Dog Derby, the New England Sled Dog Club and famous drivers like Dr. Charles Belford—who came in fifth place at Laconia at the age of seventeen—helped solidify the fame of New England sled dog trails. Historian Bruce D. Heald celebrates the best of the sport in the region, from the feats of legendary Arthur Walden and his famous Chinook dogs to the Siberian huskies’ contribution to the World War II effort. Join Heald as he charts the legacy of this remarkable sport.”

One does not think of New Hampshire first when considering the romance of dog sledding. However, there is quite a lot of local history of the sport including the breeding of the dogs and plenty of colorful personalities. I love reading books about local history and the interesting people who lived in times gone by, and this book was just the perfect winter’s read.

Having read A History of Dog Sledding in New England I will have a much better appreciation for the legacy sled dogs in the region when I attend the races. Let the games begin!

A History of Dog Sledding in New England by Bruce D. Heald, PhD is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.