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HGPI may have mentioned this before: I love hummus! Indeed, I love it so much that I fear that I am clinically addicted to the stuff. As a result, I try to limit my hummus consumption so I don’t get to the point where I am ordered not to touch the stuff by a team of doctors.

However, I am always looking for ways to mix hummus into my diet that does not involve eating it straight out of the tub. I may have found the perfect recipe for my hummus kick: this Hummus and Grilled-Zucchini Pizza recipe from Food & Wine magazine.

About the recipe for Hummus and Grilled-Zucchini Pizzas: “Prepared hummus that comes with a scoop of chopped garlic on top (like the kind sold by Sabra) is the secret here: The garlic gets mixed with oil to marinate the zucchini, while the remaining garlic and hummus flavor the whole pizza.”

I am going to try this recipe with a few modifications. I love finding recipes like this that plant an idea in my head for doing something adventurous in the kitchen.

Find the recipe for Hummus and Grilled-Zucchini Pizzas and other great food finds on the Food & Wine magazine site here.

sabraENDORSEMENT: Sabra Hummus

By the way, a huge endorsement from me for the Sabra hummus mentioned in the Food & Wine recipe above. Sabra hummus is very good and comes in many varieties like the roasted garlic that makes the above recipe kick. But my favorite is Sabra’s Supremely Spicy Hummus.

About Sabra’s Supremely Spicy Hummus: “Some like it hot. If you do, this mouthwatering spread brings the heat. Start with our classic hummus, and then add a blend of chili peppers, red peppers, garlic, spices, and more.”

Thankfully, Sabra’s Supremely Spicy Hummus come with the spicy stuff scooped in the middle of the hummus which allows you to moderate just how hot you want to make your hummus.

BOOTCANTMy fondness for bourbon has been well documented on these pages. I like drinking the stuff (responsibly) and I like items related to it like glassware and flasks. My latest obsession is over decanters, like the ones available from Vagabond House. I particularly like the Western Boot Topped Decanter.

About the Western Boot Topped Decanter from Vagabond House: “A pure pewter, charmingly detailed stopper tops Vagabond House’s Western Boot short decanter. Our elegantly curved “short” glass decanter serves up 22 liquid ounces. The pewter “boot” top is detailed with a worn look and accurately embossed and charmingly detailed with a spur and buckle.”

Of course my top shelf tastes are on display with these decanters – priced well over $100 – so I will also present the much more economical glass flask with stopper available for under $20 from Target.

Find The Western Boot Topped Decanter and the complete collection of decanters available from Vagabond House here.

DAWGLast week on whim, I purchased a pair of Ultrasoft Fleece Dawgs – basically a pair of slippers – when I spotted them on a website. I had been in the market for a pair of slippers and these looked like they were just what I needed.

Well, my Ultrasoft Fleece Dawgs arrived the other day and I can truly say they have changed my life. OK, that may be more of my hyperbole, but these slippers are perfect. I like the open back, but the fleece lining makes you feel nice and warm and the rubber sole and exterior gives these puppies the best support I have ever felt from a slipper.

About Ultrasoft Fleece Dawgs: “Men’s Fleece Dawgs are constructed with the same quality in ultra-comfort footwear that you expect from the Dawgs brand, with the addition of added warmth provided by an ultrasoft fleece lining.”

See the Ultrasoft Fleece slippers and all the fine footwear of Dawgs here.

By this time of the day I have realized that I am not going to receive a giant heart shaped box of chocolates or two dozen roses from a secret admirer, so I have resorted to entertaining myself on this Valentine’s Day.

I have spent a few hours looking around at vintage etchings that have become part of the public domain. I am always looking for cool images that I can borrow and repurpose for something cool in my own artwork.

I have found some great images and look forward to working with them. However, this one caught my eye today as it has a bit of an appropriate seasonal flare – ok not really cupids but in the same family. Enjoy!


Happy Valentine’s Day!




PVNYCThere is an interesting trend in publishing these days – blogs turning into books. There have been many blogs that ended up as books, television shows and movies, which is quite interesting to me as media goes full circle.

One such example of new school goes old school is Paris versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities by Vahram Muratyan, a fun comparison of the two world capitals that have made the leap from digital to print.

About Paris versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities by Vahram Muratyan: “A chic and humorous visual homage to two of the world’s most iconic cities. When Vahram Muratyan began his online travel journal, Paris versus New York, he had no idea how quickly it would become one of the most buzzed-about sites on the Internet-it garnered more than a million and a half page views in just a few months, and the attention of savvy online critics. Now Muratyan presents his unique observations in this delightful book, featuring visually striking graphics paired with witty, thought-provoking taglines that celebrate the special details of each city. Paris versus New York is a heartfelt gift to denizens of both cities and to those who dream of big-city romance.”

The book features fun graphic images comparing some iconic about each city, think of landmarks or cultural institutions, but also comparisons such as “Patisserie vs. pastrami” (below). This book is a fun item for anyone who loves – or hates – either or both cities, and anyone that appreciates cheeky observations and hip graphics.

Paris versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities by Vahram Muratyan is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.

The is also a wonderful companion collection of postcards: Paris versus New York Postcard Box: A Tally of Two Cities in 100 Postcards, also available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.


heartsparkIt may be too late to order these really cool Heart Shaped Sparklers in time for celebrating Valentine’s Day this Friday, but they are a great find for weddings, anniversaries or any time you want to show the love.

About the Heart Shaped Sparklers from Candles & Such: “Our new Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers have been designed specifically for weddings and romantic celebrations. Hand them out as favors, create a passageway or a sparkling tunnel for the couple to pass through while entering or exiting the big event, the possibilities are endless! Each sparkler has a burn time of about 1 minute so we recommend ordering at least 2 sparklers per guest to allow the photographer enough time to capture that special moment.”

See all the great favors and fun items available from Candles & Such here.

lbarThe options for Valentine’s Day chocolates are abound as the big day approaches. So it is always good to get something a little off the beaten path for that special someone. I am confident that were you to choose The Love Bar from Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company you would show that you truly love that chocolate lover in your life.

About The Love Bar from Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co.: “This limited edition Love Bar from Venezuela is a single origin, single varietal, and single estate chocolate. Founder Kristen Hard met the farmer Donaldo on his farm over one year ago and knew something was special with his bean. With the love that went into the process of his farming, Kristen knew these beans would produce a chocolate that is dreamy and delicate. With this, one can understand the complexities of the beans, appreciating the nuances of the flavor profile. This special chocolate has hints of cinnamon bread pudding, toast, caramel, and a cherry jam finish.”

Find the Love Bar and all the items available from Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company here.

A120527_F&W_Canlis_ScotlandIt has been a while since I featured a recipe and today I have the perfect one for the first Sunday after the end of football season. You know the type of Sunday, when it seems so strange not to have a game to either watch or avoid or a person in your life doing the same. I say it is the perfect Sunday to make sure you celebrate breakfast.

So as a man lamenting the end of football season give me bacon and whiskey and I’ll be happy. Which means this recipe for a Three-Egg Omelets with Whisky Bacon I found in Food & Wine magazine truly inspired me.

About the Three-Egg Omelets with Whisky Bacon from Food & Wine magazine: “’I’ve been making a version of our ‘hangover breakfast’ since before I was old enough to drink,’ says Mark Canlis, co-owner of Seattle’s Canlis restaurant. He adds a little whisky to the bacon, along with brown sugar, to caramelize and flavor it. In Scotland, they use ‘rashers,’ or ham-like Canadian bacon.”

This recipe is super simple and more than anything it inspires me to be more creative in the kitchen. Imagine, adding whiskey to bacon! Wow! In my opinion adding whiskey and/or bacon to just about anything makes it perfect. So yeah, the recipe for a Three-Egg Omelets with Whisky Bacon from Food & Wine magazine had me at whiskey and bacon.

Find the complete Three-Egg Omelets with Whisky Bacon recipe here.

Visit the great Food & Wine website here.