lbarThe options for Valentine’s Day chocolates are abound as the big day approaches. So it is always good to get something a little off the beaten path for that special someone. I am confident that were you to choose The Love Bar from Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company you would show that you truly love that chocolate lover in your life.

About The Love Bar from Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co.: “This limited edition Love Bar from Venezuela is a single origin, single varietal, and single estate chocolate. Founder Kristen Hard met the farmer Donaldo on his farm over one year ago and knew something was special with his bean. With the love that went into the process of his farming, Kristen knew these beans would produce a chocolate that is dreamy and delicate. With this, one can understand the complexities of the beans, appreciating the nuances of the flavor profile. This special chocolate has hints of cinnamon bread pudding, toast, caramel, and a cherry jam finish.”

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