DAWGLast week on whim, I purchased a pair of Ultrasoft Fleece Dawgs – basically a pair of slippers – when I spotted them on a website. I had been in the market for a pair of slippers and these looked like they were just what I needed.

Well, my Ultrasoft Fleece Dawgs arrived the other day and I can truly say they have changed my life. OK, that may be more of my hyperbole, but these slippers are perfect. I like the open back, but the fleece lining makes you feel nice and warm and the rubber sole and exterior gives these puppies the best support I have ever felt from a slipper.

About Ultrasoft Fleece Dawgs: “Men’s Fleece Dawgs are constructed with the same quality in ultra-comfort footwear that you expect from the Dawgs brand, with the addition of added warmth provided by an ultrasoft fleece lining.”

See the Ultrasoft Fleece slippers and all the fine footwear of Dawgs here.