BOOTCANTMy fondness for bourbon has been well documented on these pages. I like drinking the stuff (responsibly) and I like items related to it like glassware and flasks. My latest obsession is over decanters, like the ones available from Vagabond House. I particularly like the Western Boot Topped Decanter.

About the Western Boot Topped Decanter from Vagabond House: “A pure pewter, charmingly detailed stopper tops Vagabond House’s Western Boot short decanter. Our elegantly curved “short” glass decanter serves up 22 liquid ounces. The pewter “boot” top is detailed with a worn look and accurately embossed and charmingly detailed with a spur and buckle.”

Of course my top shelf tastes are on display with these decanters – priced well over $100 – so I will also present the much more economical glass flask with stopper available for under $20 from Target.

Find The Western Boot Topped Decanter and the complete collection of decanters available from Vagabond House here.