ASTI love little plates and trays. I have many. I have a dozen or so dessert plates featuring various versions of Andy Warhol’s iconic image of Marilyn Monroe. I have a skull and cross bone tray and a tray with the New York skyline on it – among many others.

Over the years I have used these small plates and trays for their intended purposes, as well as for wall art. I just stumbled upon these Alphabet Studio Trays from Rosanna, which I think would make a great wall art installation – picture rows of four or five laid out in a Brady Bunch style mosaic – very cool.

About the Alphabet Studio Trays from Rosanna: “Enjoy the eclectic type of times gone by with individually boxed trays that are both decorative and food safe. Whether you pick an initial or spell or word, Alphabet Studio is giftable and adorable. (Letters A-Z; Symbols !, @, $, &, and ?)”

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