FF: The organic heirloom grains of Bluebird Grain Farms

ff9I’ve been on a whole grain binge lately, which is why I love the products of Bluebird Grain Farms.

About Bluebird Grain Farms: “Bluebird Grain Farms is your source for the finest 100% organic grains, fresh-milled flour and whole-grain blends, including mixes for great-tasting and nutritious cereals, pancakes, pilafs and more. Our signature grain is Bluebird Emmer Farro, a gourmet ancient wheat that leading chefs from coast to coast love for its exceptional taste, texture and versatility. Like all our products, Bluebird Emmer Farro is sown, grown, harvested, cured and milled to order by our family in Washington’s beautiful Methow Valley, for you to enjoy the freshest plow-to-package grain money can buy.”

Visit Bluebird Grain Farms here.


FF: The work of Artist Yvonne Jacquette

ff8I love artwork that features unique cityscapes, like many of the work of artist Yvonne Jacquette.

About Yvonne Jacquette: “Yvonne Jacquette was born on December 15, 1934 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and grew up in Stamford, Connecticut. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence from 1952 to 1955, when she moved to New York City. She continues to live and work in New York City, as well as in Searsmont, Maine. A flight to San Diego in 1969 sparked Jacquette’s interest in aerial views, after which she began flying in commercial airliners to study cloud formations and weather patterns. She soon started sketching and painting the landscape as seen from above, beginning a process that has developed into a defining element of her art. Her first nocturnal painting with an aerial perspective, East River View At Night (1978), inspired an ongoing exploration of the effects of bright lights, reflections, and indistinct objects set against surrounding darkness.”

Learn more about Yvonne Jacquette and see her work here.

FF: The whisky of High West Distillery

ff5Another Friday, another whiskey…

…this week High West Distillery.

About High West Distillery: “Utah’s first distillery since the 1870′s, High West Distillery and Saloon offers a truly unique experience as the world’s only ski-in distillery and gastro-saloon. We are located at exactly 7000 feet in the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains in Old Town Park City, Utah. Founded by prospectors in the late 1860′s, Park City became one of the richest silver mining towns in the West, and the best watering hole in Utah. Our aim is for the High West Distillery and Saloon to contribute to that reputation. We invite you to share in our passion for great spirits, and our love for the American West.”

I am going to try High West’s Campfire Whiskey.

FF: The gorgeous Bohemian Crystal of ARTĚL Glass

ff7I love colorful glass which why I love ARTĚL.

About ARTĚL Glass: “ARTĚL crystal is painstakingly handcrafted by a team of highly skilled Czech artisans using only traditional production methods. After each piece is mouth-blown to achieve the desired shape, it is decorated using one or more of the techniques described below. Remarkably, these decorative techniques are practiced entirely “freehand” – that is, our skilled artisans use no more than hand-applied markings as a guide to producing even our most intricately detailed patterns or designs. Given the slight irregularities of mouth-blown crystal, this means not only that motifs must be individually adjusted for every piece, but also that no two ARTĚL pieces are ever exactly alike. What truly sets ARTĚL apart from other luxury crystal firms is the unparalleled beauty, variety, and originality of company founder Karen Feldman’s design motifs. Feldman takes her inspiration from a wide range of sources, resulting in the blend of classic tradition and modern design sensibility that is ARTĚL’s signature. ARTĚL’s exquisite mouth-blown, handmade crystal is available in a wide variety of shapes to meet every need. From exceptional barware and stemware to decorative bowls, vases, candlesticks and accessories, ARTĚL’s shapes are practical, beautiful, and singularly unique.”

Learn more about ARTĚL Glass and see their amazing products here.