STPATS1First of all, I am a huge fan of Bonobos, a men’s clothing retailer noted for their fitted pants. If you are a man, or have on in your life, I highly suggest you check them out, you won’t be sorry, I promise.

In addition to their everyday products, Bonobos releases some fun specialty items throughout the year, like their special edition “Whiskey Business” Chinos to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

About the Whiskey Business Chinos from Bonobos: “Let’s get one thing straight – St. Patrick did not drive the slacks out of Ireland. Snakes, yes, but awesome Gaelic trousers, no. Nor uisce beatha, for that matter, the Emerald Isle’s high-proof water of life. And as the most Hibernian of holidays fast approaches (yes, indeed, the pipes are calling), Bonobos is delighted to offer a pair of tricolor St. Patrick’s Day washed chinos that boldly celebrates all this and more. Introducing: Whiskey Business, good-timin’ trousers perfect for a bit of craic come March 17th, or even beyond, should the spirit and the thirst take hold of ya’.”

I am not sure about wearing the Irish flag as pants, but I like the idea of it.

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