FF – LONDON: Vintage Publishing

lf1One of my favorite things to do when visiting London is rummaging through the many independent bookstores located throughout the city. I have found all sorts of good books over the years from the latest and greatest to some old gems. I have found a way to have a bit of the London bookstore experience from home, by browsing the various imprints of Vintage Publishing.

About Vintage Publishing: “Vintage Publishing focuses on publishing quality literary fiction and non-fiction and is made up of eight different imprints. The oldest imprint is Chatto & Windus, founded in 1855. Chatto has a long and continuing tradition of publishing excellent literary fiction as well as great literary biography, memoirs, history, contemporary cultural comment, poetry and works in translation.”

Vintage Publishing offers London-themed books like London for Lovers.

Visit Vintage Publishing here.

FF – LONDON: Spitalfields Markets

lf2I love open markets, and London is a great place for the real deal, with the sprawl of Camden and Portobello Road on Saturdays being one of my favorite places on earth. However, in the oldest part of London there is a vibrant market, Spitalfields Markets, which offers the market experience all week.

About Spitalfields Market: “London’s oldest market, Spitalfields is now a seven-days-a-week destination. Spitalfields markets, once a Sunday-only mainstay, are open every day. Resplendent under a Fosters & Partners-designed glass canopy, Spitalfields Traders Market and shops offer cutting edge fashion and interiors, original artworks and as well as food. The stalls range from contemporary and vintage fashion, music, bespoke children’s toys, jewellery and accessories and home interiors. The market is also surrounded by a host of independent boutiques, food shops and restaurants. Plus you have Old Spitalfields Market right next door.”

Learn more about Spitalfields Markets here.

FF – LONDON: London Underground at 150

TF3One way to see just how vast the metropolis of London is – is to visit the Transport for London (TFL) website. On the TFL site you can see all the ways to navigate around London from the iconic red double decker busses and black cabs to canal and river boats to bicycles. And of course, you can see the full majesty of “the Tube” London’s Underground, which is the world’s oldest subway which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

About London’s Underground at 155: “On 9 January 2013, London Underground celebrated 150 years since the first underground journey took place between Paddington and Farringdon on the Metropolitan Railway. London Underground, in partnership with London Transport Museum is celebrating with a range of events and activities throughout 2013. The events will explore the Tube’s history and look at the role it will play in the future – both in the lives of Londoners and the economy of the City and the UK.”

Visit Transport for London here.

Learn more about the 150th anniversary of the London Underground here.

FF – LONDON: The Victoria and Albert Museum

tf4I have posted about all sorts of museums and exhibitions over the years, and I love touring museums and finding new and interesting things. One of my favorite museums, which I look forward to visiting every time I am in London, is the glorious Victoria and Albert Museum (the V&A), known as “the world’s greatest museum of art and design.”

As someone who loves art and design, the V&A is a goldmine of some of the coolest stuff you will ever see. One can get lost in the fast galleries of the V&A and love every minute of it. There is just so much to see in this place it is hard to describe – from traditional works of art to the most modern and quirky pieces of popular culture. Picture ornate Victorian china patterns down the hall from Elton John’s platform shoes. Just the best collection of cool stuff anywhere.

Learn more about the V&A here.