cpI have gone on and on in the past about my love of street markets and London’s Portobello Road Market in particular – which is just the best place to be on a Saturday in London.

However, on this trip, I visited a less well-known Antique market area in London’s Islington neighborhood – the antique shops and galleries that surround Camden Passage.

There are some great shopping and looking to be done in Camden Passage with dozens of antique shops and stalls without the crowds of Portobello Road. On Saturdays in Camden Passage the shops are in full swing displaying all manner of decorative antiques. There are several shops specializing in certain items and others that have a little bit of everything.

About Camden Passage: “Camden Passage has grown from the opening of its first antiques shop in the1960s to its present total of 200 dealers. The grouping together of so many traders of all types and levels ensures greatly competitive prices. Take time to explore every Mall, Arcade, shop and market stall and experience a wide variety of specialist antiques outlets. From Islington High Street, Camden Passage becomes a pedestrianised thoroughfare, dating back to the18th century, ending at Islington Green. Every type of antique imaginable can be discovered –come early on Wednesdays and Saturdays to find Camden Passage at its liveliest.”

There are shops with jewelry, clocks, brass, paintings, lighting, vintage clothing and everything else you can imagine. It’s not all antiques though, there is some fine contemporary art and some hip clothing shops in the area.

After a visit to Camden Passage you can explore the many other shops and restaurants in Islington, one of London’s many cool neighborhoods.

Learn more about Camden Passage here.