PMAYou know how much I love bicycles. I think that the bicycle is the perfect creation of mankind, mixing design and practicality. I have always thought of bikes as rolling works of art. This view is validated by the Cyclepedia exhibition now underway at the Portland Art Museum in Oregon. The exhibition is meant to display “Iconic Bicycle Design” and I for one would love to get out there to see it.

About the Cyclepedia exhibition at the Portland Art Museum: “Drawn from the collection of Vienna-based designer and bike aficionado Michael Embacher, this special exhibition features some 40 bicycles, each chosen by Embacher as examples of pivotal moments in the evolution of bicycle design. The exhibition will include racing, mountain, single speed, touring, tandem, urban, folding, cargo, curiosities, and children’s bicycles. Cyclepedia is the third entry in the Museum’s design-oriented exhibition series. Preceded by China Design Now and the Allure of the Automobile, the exhibition will be accompanied by a full-color publication described by the London Sunday Times as the most comprehensive and visually satisfying book of bicycle portraits ever published; and an iPad App, rated App of the Week in the UK iTunes store.”

The Cyclepedia exhibition continues at the Portland Art Museum through September 8, 2013.

Learn more about the Portland Art Museum here.