GITCHIJust a few miles from where I write this today, there once was a campground called Gitchi Gummi. Back in the day, my good friend Lynda and her family used to camp at a state park in the area but one time they were turned away when it was full, and they ended up at Gitchi Gummi in Ossipee, NH.

Fade in, fade out, years later while comparing stories about our youth, I mentioned my summers in Ossipee, and Lynda asked if I had ever been to: White Lake State Park? Yep. The Pizza Barn? Yep. The Mount Whittier gondolas? Yep. Gitchi Gummi? Well no, but I knew all about it!

Anyway, this all brings me to the slogan of the camp that adorned signs in the area: “don’t be sad don’t be gloomy pitch your tent at Gitchi Gummi” – a refrain which to this day Lynda and I often sing to each other.

Why do I mention this seemingly random memory today? Well, it’s because I just came across the Gitchi Gummi canoe oars from Bespoke Global, and they are really cool.

About the Gitchi Gummi canoe oars from Bespoke Global: “Gitchi Gummi, meaning ‘Big Water’, is what the Native American Nations called Lake Superior. The epic allure and haunting depth of this storied lake are echoed in the paddle’s design. With its graceful, traditional blade shape, the Gitchi Gummi is perfect for lazy turns around the lake or for gracing the wall of your cabin.”

The Gitchi Gummi canoe oars are part of the Sanborn canoe collection available from Bespoke Global and I think they are a true work of art – too nice to actually use as oars. Don’t be gloomy!

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