FF: Danish Trout Roe from Paramount Caviar

FFbI am often taken to task for presenting too many high-end “finds” and for a while I was defensive about it. However, I have decided to embrace the high-end (while still celebrating the shabby chic “low-end”) by featuring Danish Trout Roe from Paramount Caviar.

About Danish Trout Roe from Paramount Caviar: “This wild wonderful roe has seen increased popularity. Danish Trout Roe is similar in color to salmon roe with a brilliant fire orange flare with a delicate sweet and smoky flavor. The trout roe are smaller than the salmon roe, and its texture more assertive on the palate. Its taste is also brighter and milder than its salmon counterpart. Offering a bolder flavor than the Golden Whitefish roe, these crisp, translucent eggs add a perfect accent when used as a garnish, in sauces, or cold gel preparation. A great addition to any fish Carpaccio or tartar.”

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FF: Jameson Whiskey Marmalade

FFcDown scale a little bit from caviar is Jameson Whiskey Marmalade, which is just as good on a cracker as your favorite roe.

About Jameson Whiskey Marmalade: “Absolutely delicious with scones, bagels, or toast, this Jameson Whiskey Marmalade is imported from Ireland and is made using only the finest ingredients. This is a medium cut marmalade, made with orange rind, spices, and Jameson’s Irish Whiskey.”

Jameson Whiskey Marmalade is available from the English Tea Store.

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FF: The beer of Churchkey Can Co.

ff5OK, down the scale a few more notches, you can wash down your caviar and marmalade with the very cool old school packaged beer of the Churchkey Can Co.

About the Churchkey Can Co.’s signature pilsner style beer: “Inside each Churchkey can, craft beer lovers will find a delicious Pacific Northwest-brewed Pilsner-style craft beer. The recipe for which was originated by Portland-based home brewers Lucas Jones and Sean Burke – who have been crafting home brewed beer in their garages for many years, and are passionate about their beer and the community they cultivate with it – the Churchkey Pilsner is made using only the highest quality ingredients. The body of the beer comes from the light, grainy pilsner malt taste, accented by a smooth clean bitterness. The Saaz hop taste and aroma featured in the Churchkey Pilsner make for a uniquely complex, yet sessionable beer at 4.9 percent ABV and a 29 IBU.”

Each six-pack of Churchkey beer comes with a church key (can opener). Very cool.

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