TOLIXIt’s that time of year when I start appreciating good patio furniture. Most of what I see around these days are the mass produced plastic chairs you can find at most any retail outlet. However, I like the classic metal patio chairs, something like the iconic design of the Tolix Marais A Chair.

About the Tolix Marais A Chair: “Metalworker Xavier Pauchard not only brought the art of galvanizing steel to France, but took the process to the next level by creating the Marais A Chair (1934), the quintessential cafe chair that was both elegant and robust enough to grace the decks of the S.S. Normandie ocean liner. It takes 100 manual operations to create an A Chair – no two are entirely the same – and the X-shaped reinforcement bar beneath the seat enables each chair to bear the designer’s initial. “Xavier Pauchard’s Chaise A is a perfect synthesis created by a man possessed of an understanding of raw materials – and the tools used to work them,” said Serge Lemoine, former director of Musee d’Orsay, Paris. All Tolix metal furniture is still made in Autun, the same Burgundy town where it all began.”

The Marias A Chair by Tolix is available in the US from Design With Reach.

JACKMeanwhile, in my quest to provide alternatives to the more upscale items I feature, you can’t go wrong with the much more economical Jackson Metal Tub Chair from World Market.

About the Jackson Metal Tub Chair:

“Since its conception in the early 20th century, tub chairs like our exclusive Jackson Metal Tub Chair have made classic favorites. Combining traditional straight and semicircular lines, it’s updated with metal construction and wiry arms.”