YAK2I wear a helmet every time I get on my bike even though I know I look silly – I know it’s for my own good. I have had many helmets over the years, some more fancy than others, but all of them have pretty much just been functional. Now I have found a way to protect my head while looking a little more stylish on the road – the YAKKAY bicycle helmets that allow you to customize with stylish helmet covers.

About YAKKAY bicycle helmets: “YAKKAY bicycle helmets unite safety and appearance. The design awarded concept makes your look personal and stylish. YAKKAY is tested according to international standards. Want a new look? Don’t change your helmet, just change the cover.”

YAK3The YAKKAY process is simple: “Select your favorite YAKKAY Smart Two helmet. Add a cover that fits your personal style. Change the color of the helmet and change the cover. YAKKAY is the worlds most awarded helmet – made for you to look stylish.”

About YAKKAY: “It is no coincidence that YAKKAY was founded in Denmark. The fact that the people of Denmark are among the most bike-riding and design-loving people in the world inspired a group of leading Danish designers to initiate the company. YAKKAY’s products are developed on the basis of our insight into contemporary people’s specific wishes and issues. This insight is transformed into obvious and beautifully designed solutions. The solutions are YAKKAY’s products.”

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