STGI took a lot of heat (pun intended) for featuring a soup recipe last week. I stand by my endorsement of eating hot soup in the summer, but I thought today I would present a more traditional summer-themed recipe: this recipe for Sweet Tea Granita I found in Garden & Gun magazine.

Garden & Gun’s Sweet Tea Granita recipe is from Atlanta chef Andrea Litvin, who adapts her family recipe for traditional southern sweet tea into an icy, lemony, summer treat.

According to the magazine, the recipe is “ridiculously easy” and: “The only challenge is tending to it while it’s in the freezer. Once it just starts to harden, you need to run a fork through the ice crystals every fifteen or twenty minutes. After an hour or two, you’ve got a fluffy cooler that Litvin likes to pair with shortbread made from cornmeal or cookies sweetened with white chocolate.”

Find the recipe for Sweet Tea Granita from Garden & Gun magazine here.

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