candsWe are well into June which means that barbecue season is well underway and to help make sure we make the most of it, innovative chef Adam Perry Lang has released a new book, Charred & Scruffed, which offers us new ways to think about the way we cook on the open flame.

About Charred and Scruffed by Adam Perry Lang: “With Charred & Scruffed, bestselling cookbook author and acclaimed chef Adam Perry Lang employs his extensive culinary background to refine and concentrate the flavors and textures of barbecue and reimagine its possibilities. Adam’s new techniques, from roughing up meat and vegetables (‘scruffing’) to cooking directly on hot coals (‘clinching’) to constantly turning and moving the meat while cooking (‘hot potato’), produce crust formation and layers of flavor, while his board dressings and finishing salts build upon delicious meat juices, and his ‘fork finishers’—like cranberry, hatch chile, and mango ‘spackles’—provide an intensely flavorful, concentrated end note. Meanwhile, side dishes such as Creamed Spinach with Steeped and Smoked Garlic Confit, Scruffed Carbonara Potatoes, and Charred Radicchio with Sweet-and-Sticky Balsamic and Bacon, far from afterthoughts, provide exciting contrast and synergy with the ‘mains.’”

In Charred & Scruffed, Adam Perry Lang challenges many of the traditional ways we barbecue and some of his ideas are things I am excited to try. More than anything, I love someone who encourages us to experiment and be bold in our cooking and this book does just that.

Charred and Scruffed by Adam Perry Lang is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.