FF: The 90 Minuto foosball table from Bespoke Global

BSGI always wanted a foosball table in my house. However, until now I never saw one that I thought was worthy of the space it would take up… the 90 Minuto foosball table from Bespoke Global is a piece of furniture and a work of art.

About the 90 Minuto foosball table from Bespoke Global: “90 MINUTO is the evolution of B.lab Italia’s Teckell CalccioBalilla Collection defined by the international press as the most beautiful “foosball” tables in the world. A subtle and elegant wooden structure highlights and supports this new magical crystal “football stadium”, inviting the challenge of playing with friends until the 90 Minuto. Engineering and technology is cleverly concealed beneath the elegant forms of this enchanting new entry of the Teckell Collection.”

See The 90 Minuto foosball table from Bespoke Global here.

FF: Robert James Walsh & Company of Quechee, Vermont

FFRJWI have mentioned before that even though New Hampshire (where I am) and Vermont are right next to each other and share a border that runs the length of each state, it is really not easy getting from one to the other. From where I am in eastern central New Hampshire, it is almost impossible to get to Vermont without going way out of your way – with the big lakes, mountains and other natural barriers in between.

That said, finding places like Robert James Walsh & Company (specializing in “Antiques – Art – Modernism – Appraisals – Design”) in Quechee, Vermont makes me want to scale those mountains to make the trip. Robert James Walsh & Company’s collection of toys soldiers is reason enough to go.

Check out Robert James Walsh & Company here.

FF: The 25 Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon of Michter’s

ff8This week’s bourbon is the awesome Single Barrel Bourbon of Michter’s.

About the 25 Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon of Michter’s: “With a tradition and quality standards dating back two decades before the Declaration of Independence was signed, a long line of Master Distillers at Michter’s has produced some truly exceptional whiskeys. We believe that our Michter’s 25 Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon is as fine as any bourbon we have ever released. This exceptionally flavorful bourbon was distilled from a proprietary mashbill that is primarily corn-based, then matured to perfection for over a quarter of a century in specially chosen, new charred American white oak barrels. We continue to strive to make the best bourbon possible regardless of production cost, and we hope you enjoy our Michter’s 25 Year-Old Single Barrel release.”

Discover more about the Bourbons of Michter’s here.