GATLINThe genre of Civil War road stories is one of my favorite fictional reads. I have been reading Civil War novels (and nonfiction books) since I was a teenager and I always like the stories about the young men whose lives were defined by the war. The wonderful novel, Walking to Gatlinburg by Howard Frank Mosher is a great example of this genre and it is a thrilling read to boot.

About Walking to Gatlinburg by Howard Frank Mosher: “A stunning and lyrical Civil War thriller, Walking to Gatlinburg is a spellbinding story of survival, wilderness adventure, mystery, and love in the time of war. Morgan Kinneson is both hunter and hunted. The sharp-shooting 17-year-old from Kingdom County, Vermont, is determined to track down his brother Pilgrim, a doctor who has gone missing from the Union Army. But first Morgan must elude a group of murderous escaped convicts in pursuit of a mysterious stone that has fallen into his possession. It’s 1864, and the country is in the grip of the bloodiest war in American history. Meanwhile, the Kinneson family has been quietly conducting passengers on the Underground Railroad from Vermont to the Canadian border. One snowy afternoon Morgan leaves an elderly fugitive named Jesse Moses in a mountainside cabin for a few hours so that he can track a moose to feed his family. In his absence, Jesse is murdered, and thus begins Morgan’s unforgettable trek south through an apocalyptic landscape of war and mayhem.”

Mr. Mosher’s novel is a tight tale and classic homage to the great tradition of the literary – and lyrical – road story.

I enjoyed reading this book at a time we as a nation are in the middle of commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War years. Although it is a novel, Walking to Gatlinburg and other works of fiction about our past are an important link to a past that should not be forgotten.

Walking to Gatlinburg by Howard Frank Mosher is available from Amazon and other fine book retailers.