d3Germans are not known historically for their whimsy. However, I just discovered the fine folks at the German novelty gift company, Donkey, and I have to say they are a total delight and a true revelation.

About Donkey: “Meet Florian Berger, the master mind behind Donkey – The company started out life as a family business in novelty gift products, but Florian decided he would rather spend his wild years building a design and advertising agency www.donkey.de, than work for the family business. Years later he followed his heart back to his roots. But this time with his own family. The Donkeys are best described as a „bunch of creative folks“. But you may also think of us as pioneers. Why´s that? Well, we are always ahead of the curve– always on the hunt for the new and the different. Like pioneers we explore the ordinary on a quest for the special. That´s when product ideas are brought to life – with passion and profession. Think of Donkey as a place where joy meets aspiration.”

d1The folks at Donkey have many great products like the “Picnic for Two” Bike Bag:

“Liberate yourself from the burden of carrying bags and cycling instability when you saddle up with one of our Donkey Bike bags. The men’s version attaches to the top of the frame, the lady’s version to the handlebars.”

Find Donkey’s “Picnic for Two” Bike Bag here.

Or how about Donkey’s Jumping Jack string puppet?

These wooden string puppet kits are very cool – you can choose from Angela Merkel (above, right), Queen Elizabeth or if you are feeling a little naughty, a naked Prince Harry.

Find Donkey’s Wooden String Puppet kits here.

d2Donkey also offers The Cup of Fame Teabags:

“A dream comes true! A hot bath with a character of your choice. Relax with a cup of tea in a selected company. You have never enjoyed your tea that charming before!”

Imagine having tea with Audrey Hepburn.

Find Donkey’s Cup of Fame Teabags here.

See all the other fun, cool, and hip produce of Donkey here.