When I was just a wee lad, my sister was a Glen Campbell fan. I remember her playing his music endlessly and I became a bit of a fan myself. Mr. Campbell’s song, Rhinestone Cowboy, has been my go-to karaoke tune for years and his earlier country ballads evoke some of my first memories.


Recently, I pulled out some old LPs I had been lugging around and came across Mr. Campbell’s album, Wichita Lineman, featuring the song of the same name. A wave of nostalgia came over me just looking at the album cover and I rushed to hook up my USB-powered turntable to play it.

I poured myself a couple of fingers of bourbon, then sat back and listened to the great music I remembered from my childhood. Then it occurred to me what was happening: it seems I have waited all my life to listen to Glen Campbell sing Wichita Lineman

…in Kansas!

Wichita Lineman is available in multiple formats (old and new) from Amazon – check it out here.