The weather here on the prairie has been so nice the past several weeks and I have been back out on all the great walking, hiking and biking trails that the area has to offer. The other day I was walking on one of my favorite trails (near Clinton Lake and Clinton Lake State Park just outside of Lawrence, KS – home of Kansas State University) and I spotted this on the ground:


It is some sort of tree fruit that fell last fall and started to deteriorate over the winter. The second I saw it, I remembered walking the same trail last fall when I took this picture:


I took this picture because I was intrigued by the thing as I had never seen one before. I looked up and saw a tree full of these grapefruit-sized things. I made a note to post the picture to see if any of my readers could fill me in on what kind of tree it came from and what, if anything, could be gained from this interesting looking fruit.

So that’s the challenge. If you have any idea what this is – please let me know.


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