GOOD1OK, I have totally fallen in love with the fine folks at Goodwin & Goodwin – genuine sign makers from London.

First of all, I love old school signs – and what I really like is that there are people out there like Goodwin & Goodwin still making them.

About Goodwin & Goodwin: “Good design is key to everything Goodwin & Goodwin stands for, professional quality design has traditionally been expensive or out of reach for most people but G&G are looking to change this. Based out of their 3,000 sq ft. workshop on the site of an old chocolate factory in North London, Goodwin & Goodwin has fast made a name for themselves in the world of Typography. They’ve been featured in countless design magazines and sites, on advertising agency walls, and their art graces the interiors of the hottest and hippest hotels and restaurants, private clients include pop stars, celebrities and even members of the royal family!”

The world has become way too full of digital signage that lacks the charm of old neon, multiple bulb and light box signs – the kind that Goodwin & Goodwin still make.

GOOD2I love Goodwin & Goodwin’s old-school cinema signs: “Inspired by classic American Drive-thrus, movie theatres and diners. Vintage style Cinema light box with a full alphabet of letters (black), numbers (red) and symbols (black) on clear plastic. The letters simply slot into the clear horizontal lines on the front of the light box. Each light box comes with a set of clear plastic alphabet letters, numbers and symbols that can be used to create any combination of words you want, fits 14 characters approx and the clear plastic letters simply slot in.”

Check out London Sign Makers Goodwin & Goodwin here.