FF: Galaxy Rose Sauerkraut from The Brinery

krautYou just think you don’t like sauerkraut- that’s because you haven’t yet tried the Galaxy Rose Sauerkraut I found from the fine folks at The Brinery,

About Galaxy Rose Sauerkraut from The Brinery: “Made from organic watermelon radish and green cabbage sourced from Tantre Farm in Chelsea, MI, this beautiful ruby red kraut boasts a whimsical sweetness and a mild, radish-y bite. We think this kraut represents the true spirit of The Brinery: locally grown vegetables purchased directly from the farmer and integrated into our product line in a unique and fun way.”

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FF: The Cappuccino Lock

CapuWhen I lock up my bike I usually try to finagle a way to also lock up my helmet so someone doesn’t just walk away with an easy target. Now, with the Cappuccino Lock, I can turn my helmet into the way I lock up my bike. The Cappuccino Lock may not be the best way to lock up your bike for hours on end – but it is perfect for a short stop out on a long ride.

About The Cappuccino Lock: “The Cappuccino Lock is a revolutionary way to lock your helmet and your bike for a brief moment using nothing but your helmet straps. It is an easy to use, portable system that turns your helmet into a locking system. Insert one part of the buckle into the lock and connect the other part on to the other side of the lock, twist the numbers to ensure the lock can’t open and relax while you have your coffee.”

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FF: The DIY Take Off Lampshade from Fifti-Fifti

fiftiYou know I like a good DIY project – but I particularly love when all you need comes in a kit to produce a finely designed lamp like the DIY Take Off Lampshade I found from the fine folks from Fifti-Fifti.

About the DIY Take Off Lampshade from Fifti-Fifti: “The lampshade is made of two sheets of paper with a very fine pattern of laser stiches which can be enlarged at will. So it is possible to determine where the light passes through the lamp-shade. This leads to an endless variety of light/shade structures and patterns. The metal frame is to be stuck to one piece, the paper sheets are fixed by magnets. Additional you will get an instruction sheet with patterns to copy or simply get inspired.”

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