FloydI have been known to make tables out of all manner of things – specifically coffee tables. I have had a vintage ironing board coffee table as well as one made from just an old slab of wood. But these are not nearly as cool as what I can do with The Floyd Leg.

The Floyd Leg is a leg that you can add to just about any service and make a table out of it – coffee or otherwise.

It is so simple to use the Floyd Leg to make a table: “The Floyd Leg is a tool that allows you create a table from any flat surface by clamping on the legs.”

About The Floyd Leg – designed and Manufactured in Detroit: “We strive to create products that fuse design and manufacturing by working hand in hand with local factories to create long lasting, functional products. From the onset, tapping into Detroit’s manufacturing infrastructure has defined the design behind The Floyd Leg and the method of production and distribution behind it. Today, the production of The Floyd Leg touches down in four different manufacturing facilities across Detroit, utilizing raw materials produced in the US. As we look towards the future, we continue to explore new ways for building around the idea of regional production.”

Come to think of it, I have a few old doors back home in the barn in New Hampshire that would make some nice banquet tables.

Checkout the coolness that is the Floyd Leg here.