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robins.15.2What is it about birds and me these days? I had a visit from turkey vultures at my office recently. And now I have a Robin’s nest on the top the electric meter box which is attached to the back of my house.

I first noticed the nest when I saw a bird fly very close to one of my windows and when I looked out I could see pieces of the nest. I went out to see for myself and found this nest with four perfect little robin’s eggs in it.

The mother was nearby so I was careful not to disturb anything or cause her any undue stress.

So I snapped a couple of pictures and retreated inside. I will keep an eye on things but I hope the eggs hatch soon and all are healthy.

I will provide updates as things progress.



I have had the great fortune to travel to The Netherlands several times over the years, the perk of working for a Dutch company for a while. I loved every visit I made there and hope to get back there some time soon.

Like the Dutch, I love bicycles and fine art and I just read about a combination of the two that is a must see on my next visit – a bike path tribute to Vincent Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night by artist Dan Roosegaarde in Van Gogh’s hometown of Eindhoven.


About The Vincent Van Gogh bike path: “In the Dutch town of Eindhoven, artist Daan Roosegaarde has paid homage to its most famous resident, Vincent Van Gogh, by creating a glowing bike path that relies on solar-powered LED lights and interprets his classic painting Starry Night. Roosegaarde says he wants his work, illuminated by thousands of twinkling blue and green lights, to speak to everyone.”

Learn more about Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde here.

Listen to a news story about the Van Gogh bike path from NPR here.