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BIND@2I love the fine folks at – the retail site of Michael Roger, Inc., makers of fine paper products.


“We offer a curated selection of office and stationery supplies for the creative professional.”

Among the great things Bookbinders offers is a line of “Decomposition Books” – their signature version of the old school composition notebooks made from 100% recycled paper and featuring great cover graphics.

About the Decomposition Books from “Decomposition Books are made in the USA with 100% PCW Recycled Paper. The books are printed with soy ink and the paper is processed chlorine free.”

BIND@Bookbinders also offers a line of “Decomposition Wrap Rolls” – recycled paper with some great prints – I like the Decomposition Wrap Roll featuring vintage bicycles.

About the Decomposition Wrap Rolls from Bookbinders: “Our Decomposition Wrap Rolls feature 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper printed with some of our favorite Decomp art. They’re great for wrapping gifts, for craft projects or for lining the shelves in your yurt. Decomp Wrap Rolls are 60# text weight paper. The sheets are 20″ wide and 84″ long, compactly and conveniently rolled around a cardboard tube.”

See all the great products offered by

See more about Michael Roger, Inc. here.

Seriously, what is it with the birds lately? They seem to be targeting me and that does not make me feel comfortable – cue Tippi Hedren in the phone booth.

So today at the office, a pair of mourning doves came to my window ledge – the same place where those turkey vultures landed recently.


The two birds seemed very chummy, perhaps where the term “lovey dovey” comes from. One of the pair then jumped to the narrow sill of my window and spent a few minutes just looking in at me – which I thought was pretty cool.

So it is just crazy with the birds these days – I feel like St. Francis all of a sudden. Wait until all my new friends find out that I really don’t care for birds…

Learn more about mourning doves here.